Almost There

It’s New Year’s Eve Eve. Tomorrow my Maddie turns nine. We are trying to work out things to do tomorrow for her birthday, and we are trying to get a feel for a birthday party. Typically this happens towards the end of January since it’s hard to get invites to friends from school when you aren’t in said school.

Connor got a new bed. Well, it’s an old bed but new to him. It’s a race car bed, and it’s a twin. So now he suddenly has all the room in the world for his menagerie of animals, trucks, and books that have to come to bed with him. They have to. He’s also gotten rather demanding in regards to the sudden surplus of chocolate we have from the stockings.

The wife is home today. She had to call in sick because, as my mom puts it, “she’s due for her bout with a chest cold she ignores until it becomes bronchitis.” It’s a fair assessment. Still, I don’t think it’s quite there yet, and hopefully she’s finally learned to not push herself to such a point. Maybe. Probably not.

It’s almost 2015, and I got to say it’s looking great already.


You’re A Mean One, Mr. Daddy.

Calling it like it is. My precious, and precocious Beast has a bit of problem with, well everything related to do doing as she is told. Stop chasing the dog. Stop laying on the dog. Stop chasing and then laying on your brother. She constantly flouts bedtimes and just as constantly pleads for “one more chance”.

Unfortunately I’ve ran out of those. It’s Christmas, it’s early (considering) and my Beast is in bed. She went rather well, considering. I think she is taking it better than my parents, in-laws, and definitely Mommy. Considering my father-in-law moved his vehicle so I could leave I gathered that he was rather fine. Mommy, on the other hand, made it quite clear that she did not approve.

But you can’t let it stop you. It’s not like I’m taking her presents away. It’s not like I spanked her. It’s not like I even yelled at her. I applied discipline where discipline was needed. I had given ample and early warnings that certain things would not be tolerated today, and when she did those things this is what happened. You can’t let a little thing like a holiday sway you. Because then it’s a domino effect. You let it slide this one time, and then there has to be another. And another. And another. The next thing you know your child is on an MTV or TLC “reality” show making a total ass of themselves and you all for the sheer idiotic antics of it.

No. Nope. No way. I’ll be the bad guy tonight. No problems. I’m the bad guy most of the times this sort of thing has to happen anyway. Maybe I can get a role in one of those new Star Wars movies…

Tis The Season (Some NSFW language here and there)

And we are into the Winter Break! I got to get the girls yesterday, and disappoint some of the other waiting children by not bringing chalks. But they at least remembered me, and didn’t seem too upset by the lack of temporary vandalism I used to provide.

All in all, it’s a great start. We have done absolutely fuck-all today. Well, video games and cartoons. And snacking. Lots of snacking. I’ve tried to have a meal here and there for them, but all in all it was failure. That crashed and burned, and a three meals of popcorn has been the menu.

I’m looking forward to Monday though. That’s not only when I truly don’t go into work, but it’s also a day I can finally try to get some Xmas shopping done. Because I haven’t done any of it. Well, it’s mostly be done, but I still have a few things to get to round out everybody’s personal hauls.
So far none of my FB people have done truly stupid things. No really outlandish “Jesus is the reason for the season” nor any derpy pagan shit either. It truly is a ChrismaKwaHanaYule miracle.

Parties, Parades, & Potential Pukings

I keep trying to make a more current post. Honest. But I also keep finding myself swarmed and swamped with various must-do things. I think a lot of them are done, at the moment. I probably shouldn’t go looking. I’ll stay here, ensconced in the closet until the monsters, I mean responsibilities, drag me kicking and screaming from my shelter.

Note- This was started yesterday, Sunday the 14th. I am just now getting back to it, and frankly should be doing dishes/laundry/dinner/mediating FB shit between friends. I swear to some sort of divine thing I’m in my thirties. I swear.

Saturday we had the Gibsonville Parade! It’s pretty fun, kind of. Sort of. Okay, it’s gotten downright horrid in the past seven or eight years since they threw wide the gates of what is allowed in. In a nutshell, it’s this- Pay the entry fee ($25, I think) and fill out the form. That’s it. It’s a good way for the town to generate a bit of funding given that every old fart and his brother enter their old fart car. Don’t get me wrong, they are nice cars. And they are well kept. Truly some classic American machinery and all of that. But considering that these guys have managed to become at least half (if not a bit more) of the parade, I think it should be obvious something is wrong.

Still, Maddie actualyl enjoyed being in it, and she especially enjoyed being able to see most of it since we were in the first third of it. Candy flew like things that flew fast and were numerous. I predict a cavity and diabetes epidemic to completely cripple my hometown before Jaunary is over.

Sunday (yesterday, when I originally started this) was Girl Scout meetings. Cin took Maddie to her party, and I took the Beast to hers. We went caroling at an assisted living facility nearby and then the girls had their bit of a holiday party. It was good, Sophie definitely made a friend. Sophie easily makes friends though.
Apparently at Maddie’s party there was much snacking. Very much much. She complained of not feeling well just before bed, and after a bit of questioning revealed that she specifically felt like she was going to throw up. I situated her with a clean trash bin and told her to come get me if she woke up at some time in the middle of the night with the barfs. Fortunately, it never came to that.
In other news, I’ve gotten back to trying to write a bit. I got a couple of story ideas bopping around, and I looked into adding a bit to some songs I’m trying to write as well. Neither of those are related to the kids, and I’m rather pleased with that. I’m looking forward to getting my Xmas present from the missus, which is a guitar of my own. It’s a cheap one, but with three children and no real skill to speak of, that’s fine. I figure once I actually learn how to play some songs (and once the kids are some willfully and deliberately destructive) I can get a “better” one. And then anybody who wants to huff or sniff at my use of it can do the internet thing of GTFO. Politely, considering one of them is my mom and the other is my father-in-law. So GTFO with much politeness. Please. Thank you.

Mario Kart & More

I’m still getting used to the new job. I’m still enjoying the new job. I still look forward to the weekends in regards to school. All of these are good things.

Of late my Connor has been wanting me to play Mario Kart again. The agony, I tell you. The actual bad part? He wants to pick the racer and the kart. He sucks at this. Really, really sucks. So instead of blazing through looking like ten kinds of awesome, I’m usually dragging in the rear, lucky if I can beat the Baby Princess.

The girls still dig some Zelda, but I think I’m going to have to throw in a LEGO’s game. Those are good, silly fun and I think I might could even convince a girl to give one of those a go. Maybe. We’ll. If not, I guess it will continue to be my cross to bear as the sole console video gamer in the house.

Oh wailing and gnashing of teeth, what has become of my life?

Disney On Ice

We went with the girls last night for the Frozen On Ice show. No, there are no pictures. We were busy actually enjoying the show with our daughters instead of looking like a jack-ass with their iPad in front of their face. Speaking of which, there were more than a fair number of said jack-asses with their iPads in front of their faces…

All in all, it was fun. I actually enjoy these shows. Last year was awesome, especially with the This Is Halloween bit. My oldest and I do the same thing, enjoy the show but keep looking around at the various crew members and props. It doesn’t detract from either of our enjoyment, and it’s a nice moment for she and I.

The volume was insane though. I quipped that Spinal Tap needs their amps back. My ears are still slightly ringing. Honest. I think the show’s volume was keyed up in anticipation/response to all of the other singing going on. If you didn’t know, 138% of children know the entire song list for the movie Frozen. Fact.

While the notions of friendship and family were greatly shown in the likes of Toys, Finding Nemo, and the Lion King between Timon and Pumba, it did feel a bit like I had popped some LSD before going into the Magic Kingdom when those characters came out.

The other thing that bugged me was the dragging out of some of the other princesses. Sure, their classics, but they are, like I said, old. In addition, I really like the message of Frozen. The ideas of sisters being there for each other, instead of working against themselves (like in Cinderella). Or that princes can be dicks. And then they need a sock in the jaw. Still, they only had a moment, and then were gone.

For the record, Anna is hands down my favorite princess. In addition to throwing a good punch I loved the scene where she rode out to find her sister. Hans was all about going with her, but she put him in the kitchen handing out soup and blankets. ‘No no. There’s serious Hero Things to be done. See to the guests, and don’t wait up.’ That might be paraphrasing the lines there, but you get the idea. Go Anna.

Busy Week

It’s been a busy one. The classroom is great. I’m possibly still hopped up on the newness of it all, but I’m eager for next week.

In other news, the Xmas tree is up. Cin usually gets one from my parents for her B-day present. The kids had a blast decorating it. Got some pictures even, had to borrow a camera. Where ever Cin put, it’s still there. She’s good at that sort of thing…

The moms have been doing an amazing job on the upstairs of the house. The kids’ rooms look great. I give Sophie until lunch time tomorrow to fix that, but hey, for a brief bit it looks good.

Connor is adding more things to the list of bedtime ritual bits. So far we have blanket, Baby (a teddy bear), Tiger (obvious, I hope), a t-rex, Diego, a pig (actually meant as a dog’s chew toy that he kept saving), his Leapfrog computer, his wired bead rack, a tiny car, and for the brief bit of rocking a different lamp on. The lamp projects moons and stars, but he insisted he be shut off before I left the room. Not one to argue when the kid is rather willing to lie down, I shut it off.

First Day

And I don’t think it went bad. I don’t know what else to really say about it. I think the kids and I got a bit more acquainted with one another, and one in particular had enough of my pesterings, thank you kindly. Or not so much, considering that he tried to shut me out a couple of times. The other TA said “That means you are doing it right.”

Still, I’m sure it’s an adjustment for not only them, but for me as well. Tomorrow is another day. I’m possibly more excited, and definitely less nervous about it all.