Knight In Shining Armor

Or a busted up red GMC. This isn’t parent related, though I guess you could say it is kid related. Depends on what you deem a kid. See, I was maybe twenty years old, and the girl I was datingĀ constantly drove me insane. I won’t go into the entirety that was that Hell, but needless to say we had another argument. Again. Another one. Or pretty much the same one.

We fought about three things. Kids, the apartment, and work/school. They all tied into one big ball of woe. It was like a carousel of self inflicted misery. Anyway, the argument popped on campus, again, and we had driven separately, so I left. On the big “E”. I managed to coast into a drug store’s parking lot. No gas, no cash. Cell phones existed (by cracky), but that was also lacking among my possessions. I didn’t even have loose change for the payphone (yes, those existed, too).

Collect calls back to the apartment. No answer. We didĀ just have the fight. I allowed for huffiness on Heather’s part, and sat in the July heat. I tried again. And again. And finally hit a point where it wasn’t just Heather having a tiff, but something else.

I dialed Cindy’s next. Heather had gone over there seeing as how I never made it back to the apartment. Cindy rolled up in her big red GMC SUV with a small gas can. Enough to get me going again.

And she’s been there ever since. Through the break-up with nutbag Heather. Dating, engagement, marriage, and now three children. It’s nice, to put it simply. And mildly. But that will have to do.


Not a Brony

But I have seen more than my fair share of MLP. For those of you who may not know, that stands for My Little Pony. And if you don’t know, how the hell did you manage that!?

Having seen pretty much all of it, I got to admit I love it. I think it’s great for my kids. Not just the girls. The ponies are individual characters, they have their differences but they get along wonderfully. And then there times when they don’t. But that’s part of friendship, and I think the cartoon does a great job of covering that.

And while I’d rather they not have done the human thing, complete with a high school setting, I think they’ve done less bad with it that others.

I don’t know why of all the things I could have done as a post after a bit of a hiatus I chose this. Don’t judge, and don’t hold a grudge.