When We Were Best Friends

He will probably never see this, given the fickle fluidity of the internet, but there was a time when my son claimed I was his best friend. That time is now. He just turned three and he’s managed to grasp a good number of concepts of late. Friendship among them.

So we sit here at night, sharing a chair and a blanket, watching a cartoon before bedtime, cuddled up and oh so loving. It’s rather wonderful. It’s extremely welcome. It’s also most definitely needed at present.

I love my children. Hell, I’ll even go so far as to admit I like my children. People are always going on about how there’s a difference between those two, and I agree. I like that my children are of their own minds, but that we all also share some common interests. I like that we can pal around and have a good time. I’m sure there will come a day when that changes, but who knows? Maybe once we sail past the rough and tumultuous waters of puberty things will smooth out. We aren’t there yet, but I see the storm clouds on the horizon. For the present I will happily be their friend if that’s what they want.

This doesn’t mean I’m not their parent. Whatever idiot concocted that load of horse shit is.. well an idiot. Or a shitty friend, on top of being a shitty parent. Because it’s not genuine for either to not tell their child, or friend, if something is amiss. If some one who care about is on the brink of doing something disastrously stupid you would reach out if you truly cared. Parent or friend or whatever. It’s not about them, it’s about you.

You can be a parent and a friend, one does not forego the other. It does require attention to priorities, as well as definitions of what both entail, but it’s possible to be both. And for as long as I can I will be, if my children want it that way, too.


Snow Days

We have been hit. Here in North Carolina our roads are rather icy, though I hear some of the more traveled highways have received some attention. For the girls, and myself, schools are closed. Tomorrow will be the third day, and truth be told I’m enjoying the time off with them. It’s been nice to see them more, and it’s been nice to play with them. Even with the more time in the evenings now it’s not the amount I’m used to. I got spoiled, I admit it. Working half time I was able to be there in the morning, and back in time to pick them up in the afternoon. It’s better now that it was, but like I said, I’m spoiled. I miss my kids

More stuff…

So I think this is my thing. I can’t find the time to truly dedicate a posting to a particular idea or theme. So I’m at least trying to stick with posting something so I’m at least doing something.

Maddie was selected for the AG stuff in reading. I think there was a second bit to that, but I can’t remember it right now. We were surprised it wasn’t with math, but then I pointed out that Maddie doesn’t do the best with timers. And some of the multiplications have been giving her a hard time.

I did a bit for Imbolc today. I lit some incense, a candle, poured out a bit of Crown Royal and a Ritz cracker as food offering. I sprinkled the rest of the 50 lb. bag of grass seed. I actually want grass. Not necessarily to mow, but I do need a yard to walk on and for the kids to play around on.

We went to the folks’ for some Super Bowl stuff. It was fun, even if I don’t really care for sports. Good fun and good company.

I really want to get back onto the writing track, but it’s all sorts of busy with work and school and things. I’m thinking this summer is going to be my time to do a lot of things that are more of the fun hobby sort of thing.