I’m Back…

Been a while, I know. I think I’ve mentioned how I suck at actually keeping up with these things. Still, this absence has been… something. I don’t even remember what I typed the last time. A good deal has gone on since then.

For starters, I’ve left my job. Don’t worry, I got another. Suffice to say the stresses and anxieties were coming home far too much. I couldn’t sleep. I nearly threw up, far too many times just thinking about going in. So I had to get out of there. Already I’m sleeping better, and not snapping constantly at the kids.

We have grass! Sort of. Kind of. Not nearly enough, but it’s getting there. The weather has finally turned for the warm and it’s really starting to show. We have planted some trees and other things. Berries? Sure. Rasp and Black. We have begun a bit of planning for a proper fire pit outdoors, and the children should be getting an awesome playground coming very soon. I’m sure they are more excited than I, but only just barely.

I’m back on an allergy medicine. I forgot how it seems to interact with my BP meds and gives me incredibly weird and vivid dreams. So sleep has been a bit off the past few days, but not nearly as much from the former work’s stresses.

Completely off the topics of genuine things to discuss, but we are watching Game Of Thrones. Aside from all the incest, rampant bloodshed, and even more boobs than any horny teen boy could endure it’s not all that bad.

I guess this is a good stopping point. I’ve been wanting to get some stuff out and down and all around, and it’s finally done.