So I’m sitting wanting a cup of coffee. I don’t do coffee. On occasion, I will have a mug, and this is one of those occasions. But we don’t have any creamer. And when I do actually do coffee I want it sweet. Not overly, but creme is crucial people.

Meanwhile I have some kielbasa sizzling away for my Beast and I’m thinking about Facebook. I’m thinking about actually having more Friends. I’m thinking it would just lead to more headache. I’m probably the only person (outside of the 70’s to Dead demographic) who actually use Facebook to keep up with a handful of the people I actually know. I have this rule that I only Friend people I’ve met. Keep in mind that when AOL was the thing I had several listings on my Buddies List to keep things straight. None of these people were known outside the scope of AOL. None.

I think my other thing with Facebook is that every idiot feels its their right, no, duty to say shit on other people’s shit when they see it. I generally try to let people post what they want, and I would hope the be treated in kind. There are times when I wouldn’t mind opening the floodgates and not only friend who ever, but also say whatever needs to be said. Then I realize that I don’t have time for that crap.

Maybe a trial run? Unhide everybody on my list, and even accept a few others. Reply to whatever I see since they can’t seem to let people post what they want without chiming in with their “wisdom”. The problem might solve itself in the long run as people would Unfriend me, which would be an interesting change. Hmm…


Back In The Game

So I’ve decided to get back into a local LARP. It’s been years, what with kids and what not. Still, I think it’s time I give it a go. I miss it, but I miss hanging out with other people my age. Damn, I miss that.

In other news, we have grass! More so than last time. We’ve been seeding, watering, throwing out straw, all that crap. We’ve planted some trees as well as bushes. The yard is looking less and less like shit and mud everyday.

I’ve gotten a few exercise tricks figured out. I’m hoping they help with overall shape and especially my back. It’s been good, but it’s all been better. I think being able to move around on the job again (instead of sitting and then getting used as a punching bag) has helped immensely as well.

I think that’s really about all for the moment. I think I might have a think for BBC murder mysteries. I do not care for Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. It got old about an episode and a half in I’m afraid. Oh well.