Better Late Than Never

Man, I wish I had gotten back into the writing crap earlier. A month’s worth of writing prompts based around Tabletop gaming? Damn. Oh well, today’s last one seems particularly fitting given everything.

It reads- Favorite Non RPG thing to come out of RPing.

I met my wife at a local LARP. Actually, all of my serious dating occurred via the LARP. Anyway, that’s the thing. She and I met, fell in love, got married, made bebbies. We still game, though no where near as much as we used to. And I feel that had we met in some other way things would still be where they are today. But then again, maybe not.

So that’s my thing- My family. Without gaming to allow me an outlet to be me around others trying to do likewise I may have never met the Missus and had all of these weird little things that keep calling us “Mom” and “Dad”.


Step One…

Here goes, the first bit in trying to recommit.

I’ve done some reading, particularly of other blogs on here. Not much, nothing truly in depth but it’s something.

So I’m not sure what the last post I really made was about, possibly some of the antics of early Summer. The rest of the Summer has been pretty well. We have yet another nest of chicks, eight this time. I don’t know if I mentioned the previous ten who seem to be doing quite fine on their own now.

The girls are back in school. I’ve managed to snag one day, but so far no other days are up for subbing. Alas. School-related, the Boy starts Pre-K here in a week. I’m hoping it will go well. We had his open house the other day and it seemed to go okay.

The house is sort of kind of coming together. I’ve got a decent compost bin going, I need to secure the pallets a bit better, but for the moment they are holding well. We have a clothes’ line up. I’m enjoying it, it’s less use of the dryer and it’s sort of nostalgic. I mentioned a fire pit, and it’s been fun. The girls love to do marshmallows and s’mores. So does the Boy. I’ve got a walkway going from the back pad to it, I just need to get some edging material and those small rounded pebbles to finish it off. I’m thinking it will look good once that’s done.

While it’s not immediately at hand, NANWRIMO is coming up and I think I might take a serious stab at it this go round. I figure it might go well with this whole renewed effort at doing writing stuff.

I think in leaving I’d like to thank any and all who have actually some of my yammerings. I’ve tried to give a look in kind, but not sure if I hit everybody up or not. Still, thanks again and I found it rather encouraging.

I Hate The Prodigal Son

And yet here I am, finally returning. I’m mainly trying to renew the fledgling habit of writing. This time I’m setting up a calendar event to write something here at least once a week. Form the habit, and then go from there.

I also want to start a habit of reading more blogs. It might help keep me going, give me ideas, or inspiration to keep going.

It’s been incredibly busy which lead to the lack of lines. Also, school is back in, but there is so far an extreme lack of sick teachers for me to sub for. But it’s letting me tons of things around the house. We are almost set to bring over chickens. I think a day or two at the most and we should be good to go. I have a path to the firepit, and oh yeah we have a fire pit of awesome burning things now.

But now I’m off to do things. Like dinner.

Summer Summer Summer, Take Two…

I tried to make a post a bit ago, but the computer went wonky and I lost it. Anyway, here’s goes another stab at it!

We had a vacation from Hell a month ago. First off it was in Myrtle Beach. Second, I got sick the day we were going to go so we didn’t go until the next day. The alternator died in the van that day. We finally get down there and take my mother-in-law her meds, except the mood one. It was really obvious, too. The Burrito got sick, impetigo. On the ride back the Beast got sick, barfing into a Wal-Mart plastic bag for a good forty five minutes. The Heavens opened up and let loose a flood just shy of floating an Ark on, all over our luggage in the back of the pick-up truck we borrowed from my dad to make the damned trip. But we survived, the kids seemed to have fun, and I think my mother-in-law is finally talking to us all again.

I’ve been working on my game notes again. Finally. Managed to wrap my head around some of the issues I had with my stuff and hammered out some happiness. I’ve also been building LEGO sets for some one-shots. I’m thinking they look fun and provide a bit of a visual. And I’ve promised my group no more half-vampires, by which I mean a vampire who has already been cut in half.

Doing a pen-pal thing. I’m almost done writing a second letter. It’s been busy this summer though. The girls have had camps and more day-camps and stuff going on. They haven’t really had a good chance to simply do nothing.Well, that’s not completely true, but still. There’s been a bit of a rush. Again, the mother-in-law likes to try and cram as much stuff into everything for some reason. I don’t really the notion of having to do so much. Don’t get me wrong, you shouldn’t just lounge about all the time, but you do need some time to simply relax and reflect on the fun things you have done before rushing on to the next thing.

The school year is fast approaching and I think we are all kind of looking forward to it. The girls will be able to see their friends, I’ll be able to get back to work, and even the Burrito gets to go in for some Preschool. Should be interesting, and I hope to have made more posts before then.