Rainy Day

It’s rained all day today. It also rained all day yesterday, but I was on the road for a significant chunk of that. So in order to pass the time I began some of the creative things I’ve been meaning to. I sketched up a couple of pages for the story thing I’m wanting to do with the nightmare I had the other night. I’m thinking of it coming out as sort of a children’s book, but obviously not intended for children. Or maybe they could. Some kids like creepy stories. I know I enjoyed my fair share.

I worked on the start of a cane. I don’t know if I’m going for anything terribly detailed, but it was nice to break out the set of files I picked up. They make it downright easy, compared to working with half-assed tools when your fifteen in the basement. Still, hopefully I can make it decently and then I can decide from there on embellishment.

We are currently watching Gotham, and I got to say Jada Pinkett Smith is scary as hell in it. That really doesn’t have anything to do with everything else I typed, but I figured I’d share and throw that out there while it’s on.


This Anniversary

Eleven years, married. Three involved/dating/engaged before that, and a couple as merely good friends.

A friend was other the other night and we were talking about how the missus and she had been discussing my memory. And told her about the first time I met the would-be wife. We were at the pizza place where the LARP crowd met for the Wednesday gatherings. I was with my girlfriend at the time and took a step back. I bumped into somebody, who also was taking a step back from her group of friends. We turned and that was it. Blonde, blue eyes, mouse ears. We blinked, she said something about how we had enough similarities in appearances we could be kin. Which is really weird in hindsight, but knowing now how… oblivious she can be I think it rather nice that she seemed to notice me in someway.

Fast forward and here we are. We went to the mountains for a couple of days. Black Mountain, to be exact. It was nice. We stayed in an old bed & breakfast. The hallways were always so much colder so I surmise the place was haunted. There was a cat, who was eating a chipmunk as we were leaving, so clearly we were next. And the first night I had a nightmare that actually woke the wife and prompted her to wake me. Not something that usually happens. But it has on a few occasions. Might be where the Beast gets it.

Also, the change in seasons plus the wonky pressures of going up the mountain had me extra messed up. We went up further and drove a bit on the Blue Ridge Parkway and hit the Folk Art Center that’s up there. While it was all incredibly lovely, it also really shows the ego that goes into changing the simple reference from ‘craft’ to ‘art’. Generally a mark-up in the price of, oh I don’t exactly know four or five hundred percent. Nice, and nicely done, but damn.

It was at the FAC that the floor suddenly lurched. The wife said it didn’t, seemed sure of this. And she seemed even more sure the second time it happened. I found this rather odd.

But enough of that, we are back and I’ve not felt wobbly since that one time. It’s been a great eleven years, and I’m eager the next as well.

Holy Shit, I’m The Soccer Mom

Damn. It really just hit me today. The Burrito had his first soccer game and we roll up, unsure of when our day for snacks & drinks would be. The missus had picked up a bunch, so I figured it might have been today. Turns out it’s not, our day was due for October. Was. Turns out the people for today forgot the stuff so I saved the proverbial day. I was walking back with an armful of Capri-Suns and Teddy Grahams when it sank. Soccer Mom.

In other news, another family cook-out down and done. I managed to dodge any of the preaching and praying, fixed my kids their grub and snagged a plate for my lady. We rode the carousel, and the train. It was rather fun.

The hens seem to be settling in rather well. There’s already been a few eggs. One managed to find a way out though. I think I got it fixed, but who knows? I’ll see how it all looks tomorrow.

Weekend Update, Take Two (On a Monday no less)

Because that’s how I roll. Where did I leave off? Oh yeah, a waterer for the chickens. I’m not sure if that’s the right name for it. It seems to piss off the automatic spell check when I type waterer, the angry red line appears. Like a jittery Kool-Aid man is laying out a like of sweet, sweet nose candy. Anyway, problem… alleviated I guess since I did find one. So no special trip to buy one. Yay for that.

Subbing has picked up a touch. I think I sort of got an offer for a job-job. Also, there’s a school really close that needs a TA in a room, but that’s pretty much what I’ve left earlier this year. That probably wouldn’t look the best, but I’m also pretty into the substituting thing. It’s nice, it’s fluid. It let’s me do what I can, or have a day to have lunch with the kids. Also, the Burrito is hitting Pre-K this year. Tomorrow, in fact. Holy taco nipples, my youngest is old enough to try and merge him into society. That warrants its own paragraph later…

I’m hoping that by venting I will stop dwelling on one crummy night of gaming, because I really like the character and I like my friends (mostly), and I assume they like me. Enough to keep hanging out. Still, sitting around for three and half hours waiting to be brought into the session, and then another forty five minutes while the PC’s actively avoided my character is more than a little annoying. Like I said, hoping that this serves as purge so I’m not pissy.

We’ve been watching Orphan Black, finally. It’s good. The actress is good. Incredible might be more accurate. We finished Chuck for a second time, and this time around I was much more aware of the other characters. Their growth and development, particularly Sarah. And I got to say I almost didn’t finish it that second time. I’m big on no spoilers, even in regards to a show that’s been on the likes of Netflix in its entirety for a couple of years, but there’s some things that rather bothered me. We’ve been picking back at Grimm. Once it got past the first season it wasn’t so derpy, or boring. Well, the derp is still there at times, but it seems to be a known thing and I’d say it’s been embraced. Good.

I jotted down “Jack Asses In The Media”, and I guess I’m more than a touch riled up over this Kim Davis fuckwit. I really think anybody who has been through any number of divorces has no grounds what the fuck ever to say anything about anybody else’s relationships. You clearly don’t know what the fuck you are doing anymore than the rest of us, and obviously are worse off than some of us in that same regard. And in between yesterday and now there seems to be some utter moron of a judge in Tennessee trying to make some sort of backwater inbred point by denying a divorce based off the SCOTUS decision. I should probably clarify that I’m totally for gay marriage. Totally. And I’m also all about if you want to flout a law you disagree with, go for it*. But you cannot expect there to be no reaction. I mean, I dislike my taxes being spent on bombs and bullets, but shit I didn’t quit my job over it. And I didn’t alter my files to not pay into the tax system.
*- Some laws are good. Don’t go around raping and killing. Anything that should fall into a Common Sense realm of what not to do others.

Oh, I had some pictures I wanted to post this go round as well. Let me see if I can figure that out…

20150907_115412 20150907_115432 20150907_115441Here’s some of the chicken coop I’ve been working on. It’s almost done. I just need a bit more netting to go over the top to keep critters out.

20150907_115509Here’s the path I’ve laid out to get to the firepit. It’s rough, but I like it. I need to get some edging material and gravel of some sort to fill in around the walking stones. But I’m thinking this is a good way to work up some of the yard into something other than dirt/mud.

Okay, that’s a better post. I think I covered everything I had intended to go yesterday, and a bit extra on top of that.

Weekend Update

But not with anybody from SNL. I’ve just returned from getting the goods needed to finish up the coop and lot for some chickens to make their way over. Fuck, just remembered I needed to grab another fucking waterer for the idiot birds. Fuck fuck fuck. Shit, okay, so not that close to be ready. Hopefully we have a spare somewhere, I’ll have to dig around for that.

And that’s completely blown my train of thought. I had some other things, but I can only vaguely recall how I was going to put that down.  I’m going to try and list it for later…

Shitty Game Night
Orphan Black
Jack Asses In The Media Of Late

Okay, I’ll return for that stuff later. Shit.

More than once a week (That’s what she said)

I think I need to write more often. I’ve mentioned this, but I think I might need to do it more than the once a week I’m hoping to shoot for. Thus, this.

We moved the chicken coop. It was quite an interesting task, we almost lost the thing. But together the missus and I (and the Boy) moved it from one side of our house to the other. Now if I can finish everything else that it needs, we might be able to get some chickens over this way.

I’m making some serious progress on the guitar. I’ve almost figured out strumming. Almost. I think I need to really have a go at it, but it’s real close. The Beast actually enjoyed it the other day, and even the Missus thought what I was doing was recognizable as a song, so there’s definitely something there and not just noise. I’ll leave that to jazz and dubstep.

I’m thinking of running a game on the weekend. While the kids are off playing I can do something for us and our friend who brings her two out. I’ve never ran Orpheus, no one really did. I can see why it didn’t catch on in our particular crowd. It’s too human, and not enough super bad-ass powers. Still, it’s got some interesting ideas, as well as being chockful of ghosts.

Ever hear of tonsil stones? Fucking gross. I’ve been getting them all the time lately. Didn’t even know what they were, I thought I was half cow hurking up cud to chew or some shit. But no, seems bits of stuff and snot can get trapped in the tonsils and then solidify. And stink. And taste like the armpits of Hell itself. Out to go gargle, take care.