And It’s Done

Today is the last day of November and so it’s also the end of the “post a day challenge” or whatever the crap it was. I think I got all but one day. So yay for that, I guess. I feel I posted a fair amount of utterly inane bullshit in order to make a post for some of those days.

I think I had some good ones here and there also, though. Doubt this is going to be one of them.

I don’t know what it is, but I think I’m still in a bit of a bad mood. Or I could be coming down with a cold. Or my shitty disposition is lending my entire being to a crummy feeling. I don’t know.

I’ve eaten nothing but pie for three days. Now granted it’s been meal pies, like a turkey pot pie my mom made from leftovers, and a pork roast shepherd’s I did also with leftovers. Still, I find myself in the absurd and deranged state of mind that has me thinking ‘I’m done with pie for a while, thanks.’ Utter crazy talk, I know. Still, I am about pied out.

And I think that’s got it. I’m probably going to take a break for a bit, but I do think I can keep up at least my old wanted pace. I’m debating on whether I should work up some sort of framework for topics. I’m honestly not keen on delving into certain things, like religion and politics, as I feel those should be more conversationally held and less one more jackass yelling into the vast chasm of crapitude that is the internet. Maybe I’ll change my mind. I might go a bit way out of the way and talk about sports of which I know very little, and care even less, about.


Science Fair

So the Eldest had to do one this year as part of her grade. And we did. Just in time, too. It’s due tomorrow. Still, it wasn’t such an enormous undertaking. Also, she’s in fourth grade. It’s not like we are splicing genetic materials across species or anything.

The tree is treeing along. The missus put some lights on it, and I think she has more of the ornaments out for going on eventually. The kids are really excited.

The Boy had his first solo ‘camp-out’. My parents took him for the night. I think the whole calling it a camp-out stems from an attempt to camp out in my parents’ front yard one summer. Around 9 PM the Eldest said it was time to go inside. So we packed it all up and camped out in one of our old bedrooms instead. The title has stuck.

Speaking stuck titles, the tree has a name. Tiger. Yup, and guess who named it? Yup, the Boy. His tiger kick is still going strong it seems.

Oh Xmas Tree…

And it’s up. The missus got her usual birthday present from my parents today.


So far nothing on it decoration-wise, but we did just get it.

In other news I’m in a better mood. Couldn’t have been much worse. I didn’t really sleep at all, but some coffee and brief nap this afternoon has alleviated some of that suck.

Bad Mood

These seem to be coming more and more frequently. I’m not liking it. I’m in the middle of an Olympic amount of housework and I’m not really sure for what.

I’m not even really sure of where to go from there. I’ve been doing my usual shit of actually taking care of the house while the missus has been out shopping. We have company coming, I think. They are being incredibly uncertain, and at the last minute yet again. And even the buddy who went off on a nice little FB rant over last minute cancellings isn’t sure whether he will be here or not.

I keep coming back to the same old/same old that it has to be me for some reason. And having been away from this train of thought for years I find it odd now. And I find it easier to rationalize. It actually makes sense that people would not like me and would passive aggressively do things to sabotage, well everything involving me. I’m really left with the reality that I’m just not fun to be around.

I’m thinking if  I get dinner done and the kids down, or at least the Boy since the missus simply can’t actually facilitate a bedtime either, I’m just going to go to bed. I’m working on a nice buzz as it is, hopefully I can keep functioning long enough to not seem like more of an insufferable ass than I already am.

Deliberately Untitled

We ate. Holy ruptured pants, did we eat. The kids even ate. We feasted and stuffed our faces.

Oh, and some family I haven’t seen a while popped in. So yay for the holidays, I guess. It’s been a long day, and I didn’t even have the responsibility of cooking anything. Still, chasing around all of the children can.

Bedtime should of happened a long time ago, maybe. I’m trying to post something since I’ve missed a day here and there, and almost through the month, too.

We are currently starting the last episode of Grace & Frankie, and I’ve really enjoyed it. I got to say, I love Sol. And while Sheen is a delight and the character is wonderful, Robert’s more than sort of an self absorbed asshole.

I think that’s enough. Out.

Turkey Break!

And I totally didn’t post last night. I think I’m fighting a cold or something. I don’t feel bad, but I feel… off. Not quite sure how to put it.

But we are into the holiday break for Turkey Day. My nephews and nieces are going to be up, and I’m surprised. It takes an event of biblical proportion to get my sis out of her… whatever. She doesn’t seem to want to be back on home turf if she can help it. Still, nice to see the kids.

Today we made mini pumpkin pies in the class. One of the kids in particular like them, they ate three. We watched some Thanksgiving cartoons, and all in all it was nice.

I think the girls had some nice snack things that went on. I know they are happy to be ‘camping out’ at Yaya’s. I’m really wanting to get one of the grandparents’ to take the Boy for a night. He’s old enough, but for some reason there is more than a small amount of hesitancy on their collective parts to take him in.

I have some hopes of finishing up some projects while out from school. I have the walk to finish, or at least get it closer to being finished. I think we might actually have enough green stuff growing that isn’t weeds to mow! Never thought I’d actually look forward to doing that.


And here it is, the first of (hopefully) many sessions of gaming with the girls.


First off, gotta have the pizza. No soda. The Eldest isn’t keen on it and honestly this all happened after they should have been in bed.


They started off in the village of Green Haven. The girls were talking in the pub when suddenly…

Goblins! And they wanted the map! A fierce(ish) fight broke out, easily handled by our heroes a mysterious archer. It was obvious someone else had interests in the treasures spoken of in the map…

The girls were insanely excited, and think if Mommy dug it rather well. I could easily see getting a couple more friends with kids into it as well.

Arts & Crafts

So I picked up another thing of markers today. We had a stack thing of the Pipsqueaks, but it disappeared in the move. I think. Possibly a Beast got them, and who knows where they have been scattered to by now.

I also got a jump on some Xmas shopping.  Nerf guns for the boys? Sure. And by boys I mean the guys my age. Should be fun to do a ‘run & gun’ through the woods here. I might ought to have bought more darts for when we start losing them. Oh well, should still be fun.

RPG’s & The Kids

I figured out that the dude who designed Tavern Tales is a fellow named Dabney Bailey. Good stuff.

I’m working on a campaign for the girls. They have made up characters and they are eager to play. I think this is a great thing. I remember being in interested in gaming (table-top). It never happened. Mom didn’t (and still doesn’t to some degree, I imagine) approve.

It’s not so much a cliche, but it is a rather worn tale. Parents don’t understand, fear and ignorance at play. In the Bible Belt things that are different are automatically bad. I’d say on the scale of things wanting to be a gamer (much less actually having a group) isn’t so bad as others, but still. The ignorance is stacked rather deep.

While I’m not making my kids, I do intend to make it clear they are welcome to do such. And if they decide to never play again, fine. It won’t be the first thing they didn’t enjoy and continue to do. Still, I think they are extremely creative and imaginative and would completely enjoy a game where that could flourish and thrive.

I personally see gaming as not only a wonderful past time but also a great creative outlet. I think gaming has great applications. Education. Even the basics of mathematics are great, but the notions of strategy is also there. I think there could be therapeutic uses. Helping people work through issues.

Here’s looking forward to make a post about how their first game session came out.