Urine Trouble

So today has been a wonderful day. A snow day, and tommorow holds the same. Today the Boy got his own sled from his Papa and finally, after many many months he peed in the potty. I think he finally makes the connection of it all. I didn’t think I would be the type to post all about this milestone, but when it’s been a long time coming it’s pretty damn noteworthy.

So I’ve been a couple days out of work given the snow. I’m frankly worried seeing as how I’m not making as much as I used to. I’m trying to get on in a more permanent position, but there is a huge lag in between when a job is posted, applied for, but especially when they get around to answering those applications.

Still, all in all a good day with neither girl being pissy at the other, and the boy actually putting his in the toilet. Who knows what tommorow holds?


Snow Days

It started last week, Thursday night. By morning it here, though it wasn’t that much. Sleet had come in, but come Friday we were back in the snow business, and there’s no business like snow business and I can’t really finish it because I don’t actually know the bit that I’m trying to make a joke off of.

The kids had an incredible time outside yesterday. Possibly a bit too much. There was tears, there was some fever, I think there was more than a touch of sheer exhaustion. Hell, Milo passed out in the kitchen just after lunch. I was typing up some of my bits of creative endeavors and I hear snoring from the corner. I should probably mention, in case I’ve not, that Milo is the dog. The very luck dog. The very fluffy, cold-loving, snow-diving dog. One minute you would be doing your thing, the next he would thunder up, snow all in his black fur from where he had been rolling around. Or diving into a small drift.

Sledding went on. Our driveway is perfect for it, really. It’s straight mostly uphill. The bit at just the beginning slopes down into a dip, which is great if you manage to get a good run because that way there’s something to stop you from shooting right out into the road.

We did have to postpone the Eldest’s slumber party, but hopefully it will go on successfully in a few more weeks. We are very close to several highways and the Interstate, but at the same time we are just off enough to make it difficult to get to those things. No school, obviously. Yay for the girls, and for me I suppose. It will be nice to spend some time with them. The Missus has to go in. We think we have a sound strategy, hopefully I won’t have to figure out a way of getting her out of a ditch…

A friend Shared this, via FB. I don’t know who it goes back to originally, but it came with a caption concerning Male and White Privilege. But back to my bit; a friend Shared this and it just so happened to be on the screen when the Boy tromped up and before he could demand a video game of some sort he saw the comic. There was a bit of dialogue, and it went a bit like this-

The Boy– De girl got all kinds (of things in her way, he had been touching each of the hazards and obstacles). De boy only has two things.
Me– So what does that mean? Who has it easier?
The Boy– De boy.
Me– Is that fair? They are running a race, but is that fair?
The Boy– No…

I went on to point out that he’s not even four yet. Almost, but still not there. And I’m not trying to beat people over the head with anything, but if a friggin’ toddler can notice an extremely unfair and biased set-up, what’s the goddamn problem with the rest of the world?

Don’t get me wrong, there’s some areas where The Boy, simply put, sucks. The little booger still won’t use a potty to save anybody’s life, and even bribes of candy are being met with “meh” of late. I’m not entirely sure where it’s coming from, but he seems to think he’s a late 19th century pugilist with all of the shirtless punching he wants to do. But this thing? The thing he pointed out, so effortlessly and obviously? He gets that.

Sippy Cups No More

I’m feeling oddly sentimental over my son’s handled sippy cups. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned my love of purging shit, but I fucking love it. But this, this is causing me more than some pause. They are sitting here, beside the computers as keys are hit, entering all of this. Blue. Green. Orange, his favorite color.

He’s almost four, and they honestly should have been tossed a year ago. But for some reason they’ve stuck around. I think it stemmed originally from the move, and a need for routine. Looking at them now I think it wasn’t just for him. Don’t get me wrong, the new house is wonderful, and my Eldest was pestering me about when we were going to build our ‘art shack’ as it’s been dubbed, but there’s been an adjustment all the same. For all of us, and the adjustments are ongoing.

I’m not the sort who wants my babies to be babies forever. Really. I’ll miss it. Hell, I still tear up thinking about looking down on the Eldest as she laid her crib, and that’s been a decade ago. My Beast’s required road trips in the dead of night to shut her up and put her to bed were… something. Time together, time that was clearly well spent, and times that have passed. From my occupancy of the Present there is no truly reliving those times, but I can cherish the memories. I’m eager to see what’s to come. I’m eager for them to move on to their own victories and discoveries. Their own lives and adventures. I won’t say something to the effect of hoping I can equip them to make the best of it, because I can already see that I am. For them. I can’t stand stasis though. I wouldn’t deny them their own destinies.

Back to the cups. It’s long overdue, but I can’t bring myself to do it. I’m sitting here trying not to collapse over it. It’s just a cup. A goddamn cup for goddamn fuck’s sake. Put liquid in it, drink that shit, clean and repeat. C-U-P. I can’t do it. I can’t do it.

Grand Grandparents

Not gonna lie, my kids have amazing grandparents. Annoying as balls at times, but all in all amazing. I won’t even go on an expletive laden rant about how much shit they were given by said grandparents for Xmas (it was roughly a fuck-ton), but still they are there for them in all the other good ways as well.

I never knew either grandfather. From what little I know of my maternal, I didn’t miss much. Apparently he did eventually get his shit together, as it were, but I still never met the guy, as far as I know.

My old man’s old man was apparently the thing of nightmares. A drunk, abusive, probably some rapey qualities to be perfectly honest. It’s the South, and the ignorance is slathered on rather thick still in some parts. I can’t imagine what sort of inbred squalid hellhole it must have been like around here seventy years ago, but I do know how things are now they have to be improved, right? Right!?

I wonder if becoming a grandparent comes with an enormous amount of hindsight. Perhaps a long, and maybe never ending, series of ‘Oh, I shouldn’t have done that!’ or ‘I should have done that thing…’. I imagine I will eventually know. I can’t imagine my kids all being childless themselves.

I started this a few days ago, and I honestly don’t know where I was going to go with it. I think I had a proper plan, but due to things (school, shitty computer being shitty) I’m just now finishing it. Oh well, off to other things. Out.

A Whole New Year

I’m actually looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. The girls start back tomorrow, as does the Boy I think. I even get to go back up to the truly wonderful elementary school I’ve been subbing in for several months now.

I do have one minor hiccup to take care. It seems the completely incompetent  fools from The Job From Hell neglected to take me off the bus driver list, which I should have never been on in the first place. I never even finished the goddamn training. Morons. Anyway, because of that I still have to get an evaluation just to keep my license. Not a bus driving license, never had one of those. My plain old everyday one.

The Eldest is ten. It’s still odd. Looking back a decade ago and how we were still in Greensboro, and here we are today. Crazy. Wild. Fun.

And with that, I’m back to it. What is it? It is all of the things I have mentioned working upon on the side. Games, crafts, drawings, writing. I’m not posting about doing it anymore, I’m actually getting to it. Might even post some stuff once it’s actually done. Later.