Nothing to write about?

Far from it. I might actually have too much to write. I’ve been on quite the spree of, well all of it. Tons of writing, drawing, a bit of woodworking, and even gathering the goods for building honest to gods and goddesses buildings. We are still in sore need of a proper chicken coop, and I still want my bad-ass art shack of bad-ass artistry.

I don’t know if I mentioned it, but the teacher for the class I’ve been subbing in gave us a potter’s wheel. It has been picked up, and it needs some tinkering but we HAVE A FRIGGING POTTER’S WHEEL. This has easily been a dream of mine for thirty years. There is just something fun about pottery. And it’s difficult, don’t get me wrong. It takes some getting used to, but it’s just fun.

I’m still unhappy (to say the least) about losing my story, but I’ve pushed on with my game writings. I’ve got ideas for a base system relatively fleshed out and I’m hoping for a playtest soon.

The Boy’s party was a huge success, I think I mentioned that. What I didn’t mention was that in the picking up of materials for the pinata I also got some hairspray for fixing pastels in place. I’m looking forward to some nice days so I can bust out the easel and newsprint along with, you guessed it pastels and arting up a storm all over the place. Or off the front porch. Front porch sounds like a good place to art from.

My Eldest is hopefully going to be getting the proper attention on her focus issues. I don’t know what all it will entail, but all of these strategies we have tried and been told to try for years have done less than shit for it. If anything the problem has only grown, in some ways. But hopefully with some more attention, and not some measly half-hearted passing the buck notions, we will get something really going on it.

I’ve gotten a grip on even more guitar. I might even have a total of three songs figured out now! Considering that I mess with it when I can and it’s never involved actual lessons I think I’m doing great. I’m also not suffering from a delusion that I can hit the road and get some gigs and whatever else is involved in the Rock n’ Roll lifestyle. Hula hoops and devil worshiping, right? Is that still an ill conceived notion among the woefully and willfully ignorant? Anyway, it’s not likely to happen although I do have ambitions of adding songwriting and singing to my creative outlets. It’s worth a try.

We took the children to see Kung-Fu Panda 3, and it was fun. The girls loved it, the boy watched for a bit and then took off down the aisle. Considering that including us (5) there was a total of nine people in the theater I think we were alright with a wee bit of wandering. And he never got loud with it, so there was that as well.


Mad Scramblings

We made it through the weekend! The Eldest had some sort of advanced testing thing because she’s such a smarty-pants, but her glasses finally broke from a fierce bumping a while back. Super glue to the rescue, and away we went. She seemed to do well, or so she thinks. More, no most important is that she didn’t stress the crap out over it.

Sunday was the Boy’s birthday party. Finally. He waited so long, but it was so worth it. Play-Doh all over my parents’ house. A pinata made up to look like a tiger. Friends and family were in good supply. It was really wonderful.

Today, more dashings to and fro, hopefully trying to get the Eldest’s glasses fixed. We managed a decent fix, and the glasses are under warranty so replacements are on the way! Huzzah adultish forethought crap, and stuff.

The huge influx of hens have apparently all started laying. So roughly half a dozen a day coming in means we are almost overwhelmed with eggs. Eggs make a great dinner, so that’s how that ties in with the whole “scrambling” bit to the title. If it wasn’t obvious.

Well, Crap…

So this is going to be a good bit of venting, and it’s not going to go on for long, but I want to get it out of the way.

Sunday my computer died. Win10 decided go all kinds of stupid and simply froze the whole thing up. Fortunately the wife’s computer was still fine and I was able to make the USB thing to get it going. It took pretty much all day and it completely took it back to Start as it were, but I honestly felt more accomplishment that frustration. More, but the frustration was still there all the same.

I finally get around to trying to bring my files back on from another flashdrive and I was trying to figure out how setback I was going to be. I had actually done a relatively recent update to those files, but I apparently forgot to take a folder of writings. So yeah, all of that shit I was going about the other day? Lost. A lot of things I had worked on over the years, and one thing I had been really chugging away at of late. I think I have some tucked away in another drive or some such, but I know that probably half of it is completely gone.

And last bit of whining, this morning. Delay for school, so I’m thinking we got plenty of time right? Wrong. I had to send the Beast in to wake Mommy up so she could actually get the lot of them to school on time while I took off (late) to get to where I was subbing. I love her fiercely and forever, but damn.

Okay, even pissing and moaning. Time to start writing and rewriting some things…

Writing Right Now

I’ve actually been doing it. Writing other stuff. I got a story or two I’m working on, and yeah a chunk of it has been gaming related stuff. Still, writing.

It’s been a hell of a week though. I took off for the Boy’s birthday on Monday. And then Tuesday since there was no one else to drop off and pick up the children from school. Wednesday we did a conference about the Eldest and her performance in the 2nd nine weeks. Or lack thereof. She really kinda fucked it up. I missed the kids in the class I’m subbing in. One of the teachers at the school expressed how great it would be if I could come on permanently, which I admit would be great. It’s been an enjoyable experience.