Who Wants To Go To Fire Lake?

In a Bob Seger mood. Or more of a classic rock frame of mind. Or something. Anyway, this one has been on my mind. I’ve even read up on it a bit. I got to say I got a different take on it, but then again I’m looking at it from nearly forty years on. To me there’s a bittersweet note to it. There isn’t some wild desire to run off on adventure. There’s a need for escape. No, merely a want. It’s got a melancholy taste about it.

Nine days to go. We are almost through the year and the Eldest has her first EOG tomorrow. I want to worry, but oddly enough I’m not. She’s smart and she tests incredibly well.

I’m gearing up for Shadowrun. Still, more so now. The other game is done and everybody is pretty much glad. I’m honestly not sure how I feel about going on currently. I’m still thinking a break from gaming might not be a bad idea. Or maybe some new players. A couple of them are rather… irritable, to put it politely.

So far, no go on welding. I’ve simply not had the time. I’d like to do it before the end of school, but honestly don’t see that happening. I still need to use the potter’s wheel as well. So much to do, and simply no time what so ever. School, Scouts, and work (in a school) will be over soon. Then I will have too much time. If I can’t manage to do some of this shit in that time then I imagine I’m rather a failure in so many ways.

I’ve contacted one of the local cons about running a LARP come this November. I’m not sure how it’s going to pan out, and I’m not entirely sure how I want it to. I’ve got time in between now and then to work up a game, and time to want to run again. I’m hoping that by pushing through with some Shadowrun I won’t be so soured by the hobby. We’ll see.


Boop boop beep boop

I got nothing. Titles are tricky, right? I’ve still got all the plans going on, but I’ve only managed to pick here and there thanks to both work and nigh endless rain. I got started on clearing out some space for the art shack, but there are bees. Bees? BEES. Ground bees, which seem to be the majority of bees. Something like 70%. Anyway, they are pretty much right at the entrance, or where the entry way will be once I get it done.

School is still tromping along, only fourteen more days left, thirteen for me. I’m taking Tuesday to go do a thing with the Boy for his preschool.

I’m toying with the notion of seeing if one of the local cons is interested in having a LARP. It’s been a while since I’ve ran one, and I’m thinking that the one come November would allow for enough time to work one up. I’m not sure what I would do, or even if it might be wanted. Still, it would be nice to get back into it and have some fun.

Survival Of The Fittest

Or some such. We made it through another slumber party! This time for the Beast. She had a few friends stay over, and a couple who came to simply hang out a bit for the party. One of those is a cousin, her first minion. The other is a kid from her class who apparently has as crush on her. It’s rather cute, and honestly the kid’s a good one. Totally keepable material, unless he goes wrong sometime between now and then. But not only is that a digression, it’s something for many years down the road.

The theme for this year was reptiles. plastic snakes here, glow in the dark lizards there. Mommy busted out some truly impressive baking skills to render a snake cake, complete with M&M scales. It seems like there was just enough to make it a good time, but not so many as to make it an unmanageable.

The Beast’s end of year party for her scout troop went down as well, and she seemed to enjoy it. Only 19 more days left to the school year, and each weekend is harder to get through it seems. Each Sunday brings a dread, I suppose, of the coming morning. She’s only gotten up once so far, but I imagine she will crank out another time or two before the sun comes up.

I got the welder. I’ve read through the manual, I just need to procure some bits and give it all a go again. It’s be quite some time, to be sure. But I’ve missed it probably every day since leaving the foundry. I’m looking forward to making some things for around the yard. I’m looking forward to making some things to sell at the local fall festival. I’m also wanting to make some other sorts of things aside from welded goods, but still. Summer vacation is going to be a good time to get on all of that, yes?


We are 21 days away from the end of the school year and I don’t know who is more excited about it. I’m really looking forward to spend a good deal more time with the children. The Boy especially has been of a noisome sort about my absence in the mornings.

I’m also looking for the extended bits of time to work on the yard. I’ve got some ideas on how to go about breaking it up into manageable chunks. Ideas for flower beds, as well some gardening spots. Both the missus and I have thought of turning a bit of the backyard into an herb garden. The grass is luxurious right out there, and it would be worth it to dig some up to make room for such.

I’m hoping to get work start on the art shack. I’ve got a spot for it, it just needs a bit of clearing. Cleaning up even. I’ve got my eye on a welder actually. It would let me get back into metal and I think I could make a good chunk of goods to sell at a fall festival or some such.

I’m taking one of these last days to go to the Boy’s end of school party for his first year of preschool. I’m looking forward to it. I’ve not been able to do much with him and his preschool this year, nor have I been around as much as he is used to. It’s been kind of rough, I suppose. Still, it’s not like I’m out of town for days or weeks on end. It’s just been regular work.

St. Christopher

The wife was massive with our first and we were at a convention. I finally managed to drag her away from helping run the LARP so we could get dinner. We drove into Greensboro because she wanted Steak N’ Shake, and she wanted it now. As we were walking in I noticed a few teens trying to replace a flat. They were failing miserably. It’s November as was the trend for con weekend it was some sort of freezing precipitation. I sent the wife on ahead and strolled over after hearing the crunch of car frame on parking lot. Again. It’s the one thing I can truly do with a car.

Skip ahead about eight months. The Eldest is still the only Onliest. I was heading out of Greensboro and I nearly hit a teen. To be fair, it was dark. And the dumbass was in the lane of a largely unlit country road trying to flag down passing drivers. Seems their car had broke down. And there was more. Four in total, plus a puppy. I loaded the lot up into the cramped confines, including the puppy, and get them to a gas station so they can call parents of some sort. Again, another thing I can at least do in regards to cars.

Six years ago, we were leaving church. Yes, I went. Yes, it was a UU congregation. Yes, even that annoyed me. Anyway, it was just me and the girls. As we were fixing to get on the interstate we happen by some fellows who were still trying to get home from one hell of a night out. They had pulled on the side of the road. Possibly for a flat tire, possibly for some one to throw up from too much drink, maybe even in an effort to sleep it all off. They were clearly sober at the time, but they were fragrant of tequila and one hell of a Saturday night. They were now stuck in the mud. I pulled over and jumped out to help them push.

Today the van nearly blew up. Okay, it was just a leaking hose and a crap ton of steam as all of the water boiled out. And I was just a couple of turns from work. In an effort to get off the road before it died. I get to a shopping center and start making calls. An older fellow rolls up from finishing his McDonald’s and started fiddling around as well. He find a split in the hose right where it was attached and I’ll be damned if the guy didn’t happen to have the tools for a fix. We had to head on before it could be completed, but when the dads arrived they said it was pretty much good to go. Just needed some more water.

All of us are travelers. All of us lose the way sometimes. Sometimes you need a miracle on the path, sometimes you are that miracle.