Progressing towards Progress

It’s getting there. The, whatever. I’ve been working in the yards like mad, I’ve been working in the woods on a clearing. I’ve been working on goat housing, the upstairs (in general), and I can’t even recall what all I’m working on.

I would say there is a massive amount of frustration that all of this progress is just that. Progress. No completion. No seeing it through. It’s not like I’m stopping halfway. But there isn’t any sense of defeat. I’m actually seeing the work unfold, little by little. I’m getting to see where I’m going to have to tinker plans and such as the projects unfold.

Still, it’s been two weeks into summer break and I’m really trying to cram as much doneness into it as I can. I’m finding new things along the way. Like stone pathways to various points in the yard. Building some railing for wild blackberry vines to grow on.

In other news, I’ve begun the Shadowrun campaign. It’s already circling the crapper. It’s pretty much what you’d expect; the two dude players are up to their usual bullshit coming out the gate. I’m about to begin a Changeling: The Lost campaign this coming Saturday, but I’ve been looking forward to it already for about three weeks.

The girls are at their summer camp. It’s a two week to-do. They seem to be enjoying it rather well so far. Mornings are a bitch, but once they get going things seem to smooth out. The Boy is moving towards being potty-trained. He has learned the exquisite displeasure of having a piss filled pair of underpants.

Yeah, despite it still being early in the break and that nothing started has been completed I’m rather happy at the way things are going.


Happy Father’s Day

I played video games. I ate bacon and eggs for dinner. I worked out in the yard, accomplishing a lot. A good chunk of that work was aimed at taming a wild blackberry vine. We are so excited, the missus and I both love blackberries.

The kids have been relatively decent today. No threats of locking them in the crawl space, so that’s nice.

I think I’m gearing up to run a sizable Changeling: The Lost game. It’s going to involve some old friends. I’m looking forward to it.

It’s been a week since I’ve worked. It’s kind of weird. I miss the kids, especially a couple of particular ones. Still, there’s always hope for the next school year.

And in parting as the title says, happy father’s day to all you motherfuckers out there. Get it? Get it?

Done did it all

And we are clear! School year is done and everybody passed. I must confess a touch of almost homicidal rage over getting a notice TWO FUCKING DAYS BEFORE THE END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR THAT THE ELDEST HAS FOUR WEEKS OF GODDAMN WORK SHE HASN’T TURNED IN. It isn’t like this a new issue. It’s been going on the entire year. And it isn’t like the teacher has expressly said time and again that her preferred means of communication is via internet stuff, particularly a ClassDojo app. So I can’t help but see that it ultimately comes down to a complete and utter lack of communications on the teacher’s part. Still pissed, can’t you tell?

Nobody is sure of what is going on for me next school year. I guess at the least I’m still in the general sub pool. I think everybody is hoping I will be able to get on at the one school permanently. I must confess a concern for my kids though. I did get to see them all the sooner after school, but I still missed going in to lunch and other school functions as much as I’ve been able to do in the past. Plus, I agree with the teacher that there must be some sort of mold or mildew in the vents of that room. I thought I had finally shaken the chest cold or some such that finally grabbed me, but after finishing up my last day today I’m back to hacking up a lung or three.

I had some vague notion of some poetry in my head. It happens, sometimes. I think I forgot it already as well. Somewhere in between horking up a lumpy lump of lung butter and coughing until my vision went a touch dark and blurry, that’s where I think I lost it. Oh well, if it pops back up I might just pick it out on the keyboard.

I’ve started up the Shadowrun campaign. It went well, I think. I managed to get the group together enough so that they could work on introductions. Once again our one friend has made a character who is pretty much actively against everybody else. I’m honestly thinking that I need to address this because it’s getting worse. I imagine the reason he bitches so much about gaming and stuff is that he sets himself up for such let downs. Anyway, back to the game- we managed to get some characters mostly banged out and then I had to go to bed. It was the last day of school and my throat was killing me. Still, it seemed to go well.

I’m hoping we are on for the November convention. I’ve pitched an idea to the dude, and I guess I should follow up on that by checking to see if I have a reply. I’m still rather wiped out though. I was damn proud of myself the other day when I managed to do some laundry. Like put the stuff in the machines and the machines wash and dry it, none of that folding crap. Couldn’t manage it. I’m hoping that this cough clears up soon. I got big plans and ambitions this summer. Big. Huge, even.

As A Father…

Who isn’t a walking bag of shit I guess I should say some things about this whole Stanford douche debacle. I know I’m not the first, nor will I be the last, but it should go without saying that I’d personally love to light the match on a bonfire where this kid’s dad, the kid himself, and the shitfucking judge had on-stage seating. I honestly don’t know what more to say beyond that.

Okay, there’s this-

Bitch Ass POS.jpg

This is what the son of a bitch looked like, not this-

Asshole SOB.jpg

You know what? Fuck this pretty boy image-

That's Better.jpg

There, that’s better. I’m sitting here wanting to spew out even more outrage and hatred for these bastards, but I think it’s been done. Honestly, I’m wondering what this fuckhole’s mom is going through. What is she thinking? Her son, her son. Did this. Her husband, defending him? Equating it to a mere “20 minutes of action”. Could she have truly been unaware of how vile her spouse turned out to be? Did she know? Was she, is she a victim of his? Moments of hope, fervent wishes and prayers that the son wouldn’t turn out like pops.

Okay, I’m done. Fuck, what a travesty of Justice…

The End Is Nigh

Five days and counting. The kids are chomping at the proverbial bit. Testing is all done though, and the Eldest stomped the fuck out of them. I’m not really what happens with me after this week. I’m sort of technically done then, but I think the hope is that I can stay on at the school permanently. I do know I’m going to miss the kids, and the members of staff I’ve gotten to know.

I’m thinking we are on for a Day LARP come November. I’ve been wanting to run a game for a couple of years now. I’m thinking that with the summer ahead I can get a good deal of everything knocked out. I’m hoping the missus can have the weekend off, and I’m also hoping I can rope another friend in on it as well. Need a third Storyteller. Need.