I’m Proud Of You

The Beast wanted to watch some Dragons this morning, the first movie at that. I’m still feeling rough from what ever cold so less than desired had been accomplished at that point and I found myself sucked it. It’s a great movie, what can I say? Anyway, the movie does its thing and eventually you get to the part where Hiccup is going to go whoop ass on the big dragon and his dad says to him “I’m proud to call you my son.” and it’s an interesting thing.

I’ve had a similar moment. It was the time I mounted my dragon and was about to head off to certain doom against a really big dragon and… no, okay, that’s not right. It was a couple of years ago, and it was my own dad. He’s still with us so this isn’t some tearful memory post, but my dad’s not the sort to express emotions well. What can you expect? He’s a product of a rural southern upbringing, and while it’s not so much an excuse or apology, he’s not as bad as he could be. Anyway, back to my dad. Not much in the way of expressing emotions, at least not in words. I can see how he thought the hardwork he put into everything to try and provide was his love. And when he would come in late at night we got to play with him then.

So it was rather a surprise, to me anyway, when he stopped me in the hall a couple of years ago. He clapped me on the shoulder and said “You got some good kids. And good looking, too. I’m proud of ya.” and went off to watch some westerns.

I still find it a bit odd. It was nice to hear, don’t get me wrong. And I could go into how all I really did was knock up my wife. A few times. And all the foot rubs and doctor visits in between, not to mention the getting up with the kids in the middle of the night when they were infants. And now, because the Beast is still prone to nightmares. Okay, so I’ve actually done some shit to be proud of. Not that he’s probably thinking of all of that. And it’s not like he can’t say ‘I love you’. The kids get it all the time. I guess it’s just one of those things…


Coming Full Circle

So the Boy and I got haircuts yesterday. He’s been wanting one for a while. Me? Well, I realized it was going to take a few more months that originally thought to get my hair long enough to donate and not simply buzz the whole ting afterwards. And I had a fever the other night that came with some truly weird-ass hallucinations. I was on fire for some of it, and a snake swallowed me for another part. And the one thing I really got from all of that was that my hair was too heavy, too hot.

I’ve talked about my gaming hobby here and there, and that’s where I’ve come full circle. I remember finally getting into a group. I was nineteen, and I was insanely excited. I had long wanted to play roleplaying games, but combine a lack of neighbors given our location of Middle of Nowhere and a more than slightly overbearing/controlling mother made all of this impossible.

But there I was, about to make a character and begin a game I had longed for. The guy was great as well. He had been in the hobby since its beginning, starting with D&D and going into other games as they came along. And that’s where I’ve found myself. I’m still not where my first GM was at the time. But I found myself the other day giving a rundown of games I’ve played, and more pointedly games I’ve ran. Then I calmed a baby I’d had never seen before because I’ve got magic baby powers or some crap. That’s how the missus puts it anyway. Plus, I should wheedle something about being a parent into this post somewhere, right?

I got to say it felt nice. It felt good to be speaking with such authority about something I truly love and enjoy.For once, okay maybe a few more times that that, I knew shit. I knew what I was talking about it. It’s a rarity, to be sure. I think it’s perfectly fine to enjoy it for all its worth when those moments come along.