The Beginning Of The End

It’s the last week of summer vacation. We have one last adventure planned, an overnight at Great Wolf Lodge. I’ve had to hold it ransom lest the wild ones run completely amuck. It’s worked. Kind of.

The Eldest has had quite a time this month as well. Impending 5th grade, a haircut that still shocks the lot of us, and other things that Mommy feels are more her area but I think she herself is a bit uncomfortable. I think the Eldest is taking it in stride, in her usual way of things. I imagine there will be questions, possibly even before the end of the year. My dear, dear oldest. She’s apt to ponder over a something until she’s exercised all avenues available to her at that present before going outside of her own noggin.

The Beast is, well, still the Beast. She’s had a change of some sort herself. She’s taken to hugging again. I’m not sure if I had angered or hurt her in some way, or she was just having a particular drawn out bout of clinging to Mommy. Third grade is going to be interesting, as much for her as it will be for who ever her teacher turns out to be.

More school stuff, the Boy isn’t too keen on returning to preschool. He’s made it clear enough, though it seems more an obligatory objection.

As for me, I’ve been checking religiously to see if the position I subbed for will ever be posted. So far, no go. But there’s been a slew of custodian positions, so I’m hoping that I might land in one of those. Honestly, I’d almost prefer it. It would be good to get back on my feet and active again. Not that the classroom wasn’t active, but it was a different sort. And more mentally intensive. Here’s hoping for something, anything, more stable that spotty days of subbing.


Home Again, Home Again

And we are back from the nigh endless vacations. It was two weeks of running around and putting a crap-ton of miles on the van, but it was fun actually. Mostly.

The first week was the big to-do with the in-laws, and this time we went to a lake. It was nice house, plenty of room for all involved, and aside for some sunburn and splinters it was great. The drive wasn’t too far, the swimming was nice, and adventure was had. The midday heat made it pretty miserable, but that was a good time to crash out for some resting up for the early evening’s festivities. Whatever those happened to be.

After that we quickly restocked on needed laundry and headed north. Way north. Ne York state. It’s been almost seven years since we last went up and visited, and I guess it was overdue. It was also overdue for the in-laws to either make a bit of a blunder, or passive aggressively direct their wrath towards me. See, they thought it would be a great idea to rent an RV instead of sleeping in a hotel. Except the RV was for us. Five of us. The thing was smaller than our bedroom. I think it should have been called an HB, or Hell Box.


You could wash all of your dish! And cup. Silverware? Let’s not get crazy now…

Still, New York was wonderful. Okay, it was bullshit. I drove a bajillion miles, slap damn almost into Canada. No sweet tea to be found, I knew that going in. I didn’t except to have to suffer through country music. Crap.

The wife and I made a trip into NYC. It was truly amazing to see with my own eyes. The way we came was via a train, from a place called Rhinecliff. One minute you are rolling alongside the river, and the next it’s all blackness. It was a completely different world. Outside of the city it’s kind of one big farm.

We hit the Met. It was incredible to see all of the art. So much was still familiar from all the art history courses I had taken. A long time ago. Possibly too long, because I didn’t really remember as much about some of the particulars as I should have. Still, incredible to see it in person. We didn’t hit the late 19th/early 20th century stuff, but I’d imagine a trip back is totally possible in the future. And I at least go to walk by the Guggenheim


The cab ride back was quite the ride in and of itself. But now we are home! And I’m trying to make a post before falling into a deep sleep. Hopefully.

Maybe I’ll make another post and post some of the art. Some of the Greek and Roman stuff is particularly inspiring for some writing.