Our Anniversary, & Kittens

Twelve years as of last Sunday. It was a simple enough day. We chilled, we worked on things around the house, we played with LEGO’s. School seems to have worked its way into a nice enough routine. No more emergencies, at least so far. The Boy is even back into the swing of things after a nasty bout of Hand, Foot, and Mouth that took him down for the better part of a week. Still, he repeatedly told us that he “wykes his bumpy hands.”

A couple of days ago we found kittens. Out in the woods in the front of the house. Tiny little things, stalking up along the edge of the driveway. Well, two were but the other had already climbed up a tree. She eventually was retrieved. We figured that the mother must be out there somewhere as well so we fed them the best we could and called it a night.

The next day two of them returned. We realized that something probably happened to the mother, and something seems to have happened to the third. The other two looked rather rough once we got a good look at them. Obviously hungry, and covered in fleas. We set to work.

They seemed much improved. We asked around and we found a taker for one of them. The Beast has been crying ever since. Still, the one remaining seems rather fond of us, I’m kind of hoping she sticks around. I could use a black lap cat again.


My Boy

I’m sitting here, it’s nine PM. He’s played hard all day. I’ve worked equally as hard around the house. Honestly, I’m not sure what all he’s eaten today.

His day has consisted of cartoons, building fairy houses, painted nails, a robot salon, and chasing his best friend upstairs. 

It’s bedtime. He blearily requests food. I grab a few leftover nuggets. He’s grateful. We are having a rather chill moment and all is right with our world.

A Wrinkle In Time & so on, Part 2

I totally forgot pretty much everything I intended to actually post last night.

So, A Wrinkle In Time. Life changing. For me anyway. It was a wonderful bit of science fiction wrapped in fantasy enveloped in a loving embrace. No metaphor to that last bit, just some good old family hugging. Don’t get me wrong, I love some action/adventure, and by all means kill the fuck out of the evil dragons when they need to be killed. But A Wrinkle In Time showed that the story doesn’t have to end with the bad guys killed. Defeat takes many forms.

And Meatloaf. Confession- I probably have more Meatloaf CD’s that some one who did not grow up during the 70’s ought to have. I’ve come to realize that I rather prefer the Bat Out Of Hell‘s (1 and 2), but still. Meatloaf is intense. Meatloaf is not to be trifled with.

But I really do think it comes down to Jim Steinman being a living rock God. I think Steinman does a bit of what I love about A Wrinkle In TIme. There are hard rock elements in there, but there is also these flights of fancy. The combination puts me in the mind of a mosh pit in Heaven. Or arena rock. Something awesome with halos and wings and shit like that.

Once again I think I’ve lost my true flow. But not really.  I did want to get the bits out that needed to be gotten out last night I dozed off, and honestly I blame Netflix. Galavant is on there now and it’s weird. You can’t look away. You can’t. And now I’m off to make french fries since the Beast wanted some home made. Sounds like a fun time.

A Wrinkle In Time & a slice of Meatloaf

It’s been a while, and I was actually thinking I should write something here. I’v been writing elsewhere, but that’s not here. Obviously.

I’ve been thinking back over a lot. Particularly me things, actually all of it’s been about me. My kids are into another school year and substitute days have been few. That leaves me with time to catch up on so many things. Things like laundry, the dishes, mowing, working on the chicken coop, self-loathing over the lack of stable employment, the beginnings of a rabbit lot, the other beginnings of a rabbit hutch, staving off the inevitable sense of being useless and largely unemployed, game notes, more game notes (The joy/burden of running several tabletop campaigns!), crafting, and wrapping it all up with some insomnia over whether I’ll be able to pay the bills in a month. Hopefully that last one will be taken care. I imagine days will pick up, and hopefully I’ll get some contact regarding any number of applications I’ve put in.

But back to me, only a different me. An earlier me. I’ve been thinking back over those moments, or series of moments, that lend themselves to being truly defining. I  think reading A Wrinkle In Time was one of those for me. I also think discovering the Lone Wolf adventure book series was another. I’m an avid reader, particularly of the more fanciful subjects. Choose Your Own Adventure books were a delight. They were an imaginative interaction, something I craved. Growing up in the middle of nowhere meant not having much in the way of kids to hang out with. I dare say my younger years of shyness and introverted tendencies was more of an environmentally enforced condition than anything to do with my inner workings. I think if I had been in an area where there were more kids immediately available, and the possibility of getting into gaming that much earlier… well I don’t really know where that would have me at present. And I don’t really think I’m looking back and wondering ‘what if’, but I do find myself picking into the bit I can trace back to these particular interests.

I guess what got me thinking about it is the Eldest’s interest in similar things. She really wants to play some sort of game, Pathfinder is rather keen. I want to keep it on her level, but I’m not sure of other any other kids. Well, a couple. And that would be enough. She also likes A Wrinkle In Time, and she enjoyed The Dark Is Rising when we listened to the audiobook on the New York trip. She likes doing her Girl Scout things, but she’s made it clear she just isn’t into sports.

I think where things really differ between my upbringing and hers is the parenting. And parents. And that I’m not my mom, who was rather… protective. Overbearing is more the mark, particularly in regards to gaming matters. Clearly I don’t share her opinions. Still, this is possibly reading too much into it but I’d prefer to think it has more to do with my willingness overall to let my children be who they want to be. To discover what they will be. Trying to force them one way or the other is merely going to breed resentment in the long run. That might seem to be a strong word, but when I really think about it I can’t find a better one. And I think that also puts me out of words in general. At least for the night.

Week One In The Books

The first week of school is in the past. I managed to sub a day. Still waiting for some response on any number of applications I’ve put in for something more permanent. I’m hoping that the wait isn’t much longer. I’m not quite to the point of considering a start-up in hooking or becoming a drug mule, but it might not be too far off in the future either.

The girls seemed to have a good week. School wise. The Eldest got out early on Tuesday to get braces. Oh yeah, she’s got braces now, did I mention that? Yeah, a rather profound overbite needed some attention. Later that evening she popped a bracket. I called in Wednesday to get it looked at but they couldn’t see her until the next day. When worked well since I had to call 911 for the Beast. In a particular burst of genius she and the Boy decided to wrestle for a quarter. Not wanting him to get it, she hid it in her mouth. When the Boy tackled her it went down the throat. Given their energetic reactions to this, and the Beast’s gagging I opted with a an emergency call. Before the volunteer firemen got here the risk of choking was past. She swallowed it down. She loved the attention. I’m hoping the panic and fear outmatch the love of an audience.

By the time I got the Eldest on Thursday she had managed to pop yet another bracket. What the shit, did they put these things on with Elmer’s? Anyway, they put them back on and things have been good far.

I took the Boy to his open house for preschool. Jesus freaks aside, I do like the place. I’m hoping he does really well this year. He’s excited to go, I know. He’s been missing his sisters like mad the past week, this will be nice to give him some kids to play with, particularly kids his size and age.

Back to work, I subbed. A bit. It was only going to be a half day, and that in itself got halved again. Still, it was something. It was at a high school. The students and teacher thought I was transferring into the class at first. I’m tired of my youthful good looks, I tell ya.

I’m getting back into the swing of running games. The two I have going on are really giving me a run for my money, if I had any. But it’s good, it’s exercising those parts that have laid neglected for too long. Shadowrun is finally getting to a good point of adventure, and Changeling is doing just as well.