Week One In The Books

The first week of school is in the past. I managed to sub a day. Still waiting for some response on any number of applications I’ve put in for something more permanent. I’m hoping that the wait isn’t much longer. I’m not quite to the point of considering a start-up in hooking or becoming a drug mule, but it might not be too far off in the future either.

The girls seemed to have a good week. School wise. The Eldest got out early on Tuesday to get braces. Oh yeah, she’s got braces now, did I mention that? Yeah, a rather profound overbite needed some attention. Later that evening she popped a bracket. I called in Wednesday to get it looked at but they couldn’t see her until the next day. When worked well since I had to call 911 for the Beast. In a particular burst of genius she and the Boy decided to wrestle for a quarter. Not wanting him to get it, she hid it in her mouth. When the Boy tackled her it went down the throat. Given their energetic reactions to this, and the Beast’s gagging I opted with a an emergency call. Before the volunteer firemen got here the risk of choking was past. She swallowed it down. She loved the attention. I’m hoping the panic and fear outmatch the love of an audience.

By the time I got the Eldest on Thursday she had managed to pop yet another bracket. What the shit, did they put these things on with Elmer’s? Anyway, they put them back on and things have been good far.

I took the Boy to his open house for preschool. Jesus freaks aside, I do like the place. I’m hoping he does really well this year. He’s excited to go, I know. He’s been missing his sisters like mad the past week, this will be nice to give him some kids to play with, particularly kids his size and age.

Back to work, I subbed. A bit. It was only going to be a half day, and that in itself got halved again. Still, it was something. It was at a high school. The students and teacher thought I was transferring into the class at first. I’m tired of my youthful good looks, I tell ya.

I’m getting back into the swing of running games. The two I have going on are really giving me a run for my money, if I had any. But it’s good, it’s exercising those parts that have laid neglected for too long. Shadowrun is finally getting to a good point of adventure, and Changeling is doing just as well.


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