This Is Halloween…

So it’s tomorrow. Get over it. Also, I was thinking of Marilyn Mason’s version. It rocks.

It’s been crazy of late. The kids are still doing well in school, I’ve been doing some metal work, I’ve been plugging away at con notes, oh and apparently I got a job. Boom, huh? Yup. A nearby school got another EC assistant position and called me about it. I start tomorrow.


Finally- Accomplishment!

I did it! I finally finished something! Okay, I finally did something that will let me finish. Close enough.

I did a massive clean-out of upstairs. The kids will probably cry when they realize I took three bags full of stuffed animals to Good Will, but fuck almighty that leaves at three more bags’ worth. And that’s just in the playroom, that’s not what they each have tucked away in their individual rooms. There’s other things gone as well, including a large box full of books. Some duplicates, some the kids have simply outgrown, and others just because they don’t seem to end up in the rotation of books the kids read. They just sit there. No sense in letting the sit there when someone somewhere would greatly appreciate them.


It’s not done, but it’s almost there. And I know the pic’s a touch blurry, but here is the start of the wife’s bottle tree. I’m thinking about four more branches at least, and some significant bits of bending to get it where the bottles will sit nice enough. But still, I WELDED. Again. Finally. Finally again. I can’t believe how much I missed it. I knew I did, but I didn’t realize just how much.

And again, while it’s not done I’m chipping away at my end of the upcoming con LARP. I’m hoping it comes together well enough, we are only a few weeks out. In fact, I’m off to email the dude with an update. Enjoy the rest of your week…

Autumn Is Upon Us

Yay! I’m rather excited, if you can’t tell. I’m actually gearing up for NANWRIMO this year. Crazy, I know. I usually don’t even both to check in on the site until the last week of November, but this time I’m at least staring with dread and complete sense of being an utter failure of not even having a friggin’ title in October. I think I’m finally growing up.

In other news, the Boy is loving some preschool this time. He’s loving his new bunk beds. What? Yup. We busted out the bunk beds finally, and he’s finally calmed down from that. It’s been great, he’s even had a buddy over. Sort of. Said buddy isn’t much for bedtimes, but he at least chilled out all quite like when he and his family were visiting for one of our regular bouts of gaming and what-not. It’s like something clicked over the summer and he’s suddenly into listening for a change. Weird.

The girls are doing well in school. Even the Eldest. Especially the Eldest. She’s on task, she’s doing her work and homework in a timely manner, it’s amazing. She’s still less than stellar in regards to turning all of that crap in on time, but hey this is some massive progress. The Beast seems to be enjoying 3rd grade, save some little shit who keeps rummaging through various lunch boxes. Other than that, it’s been great.

I’m still hoping to get something more permanent, but I’m also not holding my breath. I’m at least trying to focus on my various creative endeavors. Writing, woodworking, building things around the house. Speaking of, I should probably get back on that. We are almost done with the chicken coop enough to bring over more birds.

We are down to one kitten from the small litter than wandered up. We have named her Sylvia and she’s quite the unholy terror. She seems to love hands and fingers. She hasn’t really impressed the other cats any. She simply adores Milo, the dog. To his credit he is putting up with it admirably. He tries to move when she swaps at his paws and tail, but she’s rather relentless.