Barf, as far as the eye can see

Everybody’ ┬ásick. Except me. And give it time, I imagine. And it’s been like this for far too long. The Boy started it off, maybe. Or not, who knows. But it ran through the kids, the Missus, and a brief bout hit me back in January. Then the Boy came down with ‘a little pneumonia’ as the doctor put it. And then it all came back last week with the Boy throwing up in the middle of the night. And then again the next night, but not as much. It finally ended Sunday, but by then the Beast was puking. And then last night so did the Eldest. And in the middle of the night the Missus.

So I’m sitting here, taking a sick day to try and take care of them all. The Missus is out, finally. Sort of. She has to have some sort of TARDIS stomach to account for the amount of puking she did. I didn’t think it was possible to puke as much as she did and actually have something to puke. But me? I’m honestly feeling fine. So I’m hoping my superhuman immune system is doing its thing.