Spring’s Dawning

It’s finally here. The weather is even starting to think about evening out here in North Carolina. Soccer is in full swing and the Boy is not acting like a complete goob now.

The Eldest is catching back up on school. I think finally giving some sort of medicine a go has been the best course. It’s a low dose. It’s been rather amazing to see her blow through homework, and to actually talk beyond some sort of muttered obligatory response.

I’ve been reading Dragonlance again. I got the new(ish) Lost Chronicles. I got to say it’s the sloppiest piss poor writing I’ve read since the first Chronicles. I’m not saying I’m disappointed, but I am they don’t seem to have gotten any better in thirty years.

I’m thinking I’m going to be giving the LARP a try. Or at least check it out. I’m feeling it might be a better fit than the other one. I’m pretty much just rambling at this point, I think I’m off the bed. I suck at this.


March, March, March

Is upon us. Spring is kind of already here.

I got a birthday coming up. Shit. I forgot for most of this year so far that I’m just now turning 38, and that I haven’t been there this whole time. I don’t think it’s so much a getting old and forgetful thing, but more than I generally don’t think about it. My kids love birthdays and they love to celebrate. So cake and stuff all around. I think I’m buying myself a hat.

I’ve always loved hats, but never really worn them. All it’s been for years has been ball caps, which I actually despise. But I got a derby a couple of year ago. I think I like interesting hats. My other issue has been my own head. It seems kind of big, and on top of that my hair is insanely thick.

The Boy got a haircut. And he seems to have my thick, unruly hair. I’m not sure what the change has been of late but I’m his favorite person at the moment. Or one of them. The Beast also got haircut, back to her short style she likes. She likes it so much she’s headbutted her sister over it.

I’m thinking of busting into the Missus’ V-day present, a complete works of Shakespeare. I’m not sure if I would start with Julius Caesar, but it would be fitting.