Lagomorphs, Lion Fish, and LARP

I let the missus convince me to go to the local LARP, again. I got to say I agree that it was nice to see everybody. I got to also say that it might, might, be nice to get back into it and hang out with everybody again. Because honestly what I’d like to do is just hang out and chat about a lot of other stuff. Which happens at LARP. It’s kind of the penultimate in ‘hurry up and wait’.

I don’t know if I mentioned the rabbit. We finally got one. Her name is Honey and she’s a sweet little thing. The kids are still excited, especially the Beast. It’s something she’s wanted for years. The missus and I let her tear around the living room at night, after making sure the dog and kitten are out of the way. We have also noticed she’s not as gross as the cats. No hacking up hairballs, no smelly crap in the litter box. And she uses the litter box! No muss, no fuss. Speaking of Ms. Kitten, she’s keen on nibbling on Honey. There’s been a number of attempts on her part to get into the room with her and chomp down on her neck. For her part, Honey doesn’t seem to mind. Or notice for that matter.

We went to the Science Center today. The new aquarium is still as awesome as last time. The octopus was actually out and about, and even moved around their tank. The lion fish were doing there thing, looking beautifully menacing. The meerkats were also very active. The kids loved it. They didn’t love that we didn’t hit the gift shop, but I think all is forgiven.

And finally, ten days of school left. Ten days. Nine and half for me, but that’s not a big thing. The Eldest moves on from elementary school. It’s so weird. It doesn’t seem like she should be that old. It only seems like the other day, maybe a week or so at the most, that she was coming home from the hospital. A few hours ago she was starting school. I don’t think the time’s been wasted, it just seems to have gone far too quickly. I won’t even go into the Boy’ going into Kindergarten come the next school year.


“Sabe the Pig”…

I was putting the Boy to bed and came across an old stuffed animal he’s had for a number of years. It’s a pig, and it looks like it is made out of some bright pink, floral printed upholstery. It’s actually intended as a dog’s chew toy. Our dog has shown a tendency to chew on any stray stuffed toys he come across, and so we decided to get one the dog could chew on.

This did not sit well with the Boy. At the ripe old age of one and some change, he tromped into the kitchen where we kept the dog at nights. We were also putting the pig in so the dog could have at it. But no, the Boy had to “sabe the pig”. And he went on and on about how the pig was his favorite, and how he loved it.

And so it remains. He’s got it in bed tonight. He still loves it, he says. He’s still set on keeping the pig safe from getting chewed on. While he’s still young and there is so much more for him to become, I hope this is one thing that never changes.

Bunnies & Bunnies

I’m sure there’s a special Hell for this, but I’m eating a chocolate bunny while going back and forth and petting the new pet bunny.

I finally got the hutch situated. I then promptly spent an extra hour making additions in order to keep the new bunny in properly. All I need to do now is build a fence around the whole damn thing and she can have some running space outside as well.

We went to Florida over our Spring Break. Disney World, to be precise. It was a lot of fun. The last time we did that the Beast wasn’t even two. Now the youngest is five and they all had a blast. Granted, the Beast had too much fun, and we discovered she isn’t a roller coaster fan. The Boy is, but alas he’s still a might small for most of them. And it was the Beast’s birthday during the trip as well. Of course, on the way back the little brats are clamoring for a trip to a Great Wolf Lodge…

I’ve been applying to other schools, to see if I can get something just a bit closer to home. It would be nice if the commute wasn’t so much of one.

And now it’s off to watch episode 2 of American Gods.