Encroaching Darkness

I have no clue when I last posted here. Things have been busy, but honestly things get pushed to the side.

We ran a con LARP, Shadowrun. It was awesome. We had a good turn out and everybody was thoroughly engaged with playing. We managed a session of Call of Cthulhu, I Drank What?, and a bit of another LARP going on. A decent amount of drinking, but not too much.

I’ve been working around the house a lot. I’ve cleaned out a fair amount of stuff. Shit. Let’s be honest. There is so much shit and junk and crap in this house it is fucking insane. And while I haven’t hit the point of simply filling bags with things I grab, I’ve been collecting things that haven’t really been utilized anytime lately and just decided that it’s time for it to go.

I tried to do Nanowrimo. I didn’t even look at the site during the month of November. I don’t even feel like I failed since was doing things. Still, I’d love to get this story out of my head at some point though. Or stories.

I’m tired. I’m more than a little frustrated. It’s not quite one step forward, two steps back, but it’s also probably not far off. Honestly for the first time I feel like I’m making progress, but I also feel outnumbered in regards to people who actually give a shit around here.

I had a ton of other things that I wanted to write, but instead I feel like all I’ve done is pissed and moaned about my shithole of a house. Which looking back, seems rather accurate. Oh well.


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