Nothing to write about?

Far from it. I might actually have too much to write. I’ve been on quite the spree of, well all of it. Tons of writing, drawing, a bit of woodworking, and even gathering the goods for building honest to gods and goddesses buildings. We are still in sore need of a proper chicken coop, and I still want my bad-ass art shack of bad-ass artistry.

I don’t know if I mentioned it, but the teacher for the class I’ve been subbing in gave us a potter’s wheel. It has been picked up, and it needs some tinkering but we HAVE A FRIGGING POTTER’S WHEEL. This has easily been a dream of mine for thirty years. There is just something fun about pottery. And it’s difficult, don’t get me wrong. It takes some getting used to, but it’s just fun.

I’m still unhappy (to say the least) about losing my story, but I’ve pushed on with my game writings. I’ve got ideas for a base system relatively fleshed out and I’m hoping for a playtest soon.

The Boy’s party was a huge success, I think I mentioned that. What I didn’t mention was that in the picking up of materials for the pinata I also got some hairspray for fixing pastels in place. I’m looking forward to some nice days so I can bust out the easel and newsprint along with, you guessed it pastels and arting up a storm all over the place. Or off the front porch. Front porch sounds like a good place to art from.

My Eldest is hopefully going to be getting the proper attention on her focus issues. I don’t know what all it will entail, but all of these strategies we have tried and been told to try for years have done less than shit for it. If anything the problem has only grown, in some ways. But hopefully with some more attention, and not some measly half-hearted passing the buck notions, we will get something really going on it.

I’ve gotten a grip on even more guitar. I might even have a total of three songs figured out now! Considering that I mess with it when I can and it’s never involved actual lessons I think I’m doing great. I’m also not suffering from a delusion that I can hit the road and get some gigs and whatever else is involved in the Rock n’ Roll lifestyle. Hula hoops and devil worshiping, right? Is that still an ill conceived notion among the woefully and willfully ignorant? Anyway, it’s not likely to happen although I do have ambitions of adding songwriting and singing to my creative outlets. It’s worth a try.

We took the children to see Kung-Fu Panda 3, and it was fun. The girls loved it, the boy watched for a bit and then took off down the aisle. Considering that including us (5) there was a total of nine people in the theater I think we were alright with a wee bit of wandering. And he never got loud with it, so there was that as well.


No Time Like The Present

I’m sitting here working on too much stuff. I’m trying to clean up the table so I can have it ready for dinner, but I also want to work on some craft stuff. I’ve managed to get a rubber block for stamp making and I’m trying to work on that. But I’m also trying to eat a late lunch. And it’s been too long since I practiced the guitar. I need to get one thing done at a time. So far as of writing this paragraph I’ve stopped maybe a dozen times.

Okay, got some of the stuff off the list. I’m thinking this is simply more of the wanting to DO. Which is probably an outlet for some sort of insecurities, I’m sure. I’ve been pondering over some things and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not terribly likable, and I guess it’s on me to change that. I don’t really know. I do know that everything done is a movement in some direction, so maybe one of those moves will be a good one.

I confessed my love of fat arms to my wife the other night. She was joking about if she ever did have them she would tattoo wings on them so they could flap, and I had to admit that there is something I just like about fat arms. I don’t see if happening with her, but I did at least tell her such would not be minded by me. I don’t rightly know what it is about them, possibly that they are great for hugging. There’s something nice about being mooshed by squishy arms.

Dammit, lost a paragraph. I had a bit going on about how I’m trying to get some of the things bouncing around in my head out so that maybe I can focus, but this POS… whatever froze up. Again. It does this about four or five times a day. I don’t know if it’s a hardware issue, or software. Anyway, back to the Mental Purge.

I told the missus to pass a message of condolence on to her friend. I’m not sure if I want to voice it myself, or anything else for that matter. Maybe? I might take the plunge and see about a coffee. Perhaps, in a public venue, I won’t act like a complete and total ass. Perhaps I’ve finally hit a point where I could engage in rational, adult conversation. Even if it is about my (some would say irrational) anger and sense of betrayal.

I must admit even the typings of such inane shit and minutiae is forming a good habit. It’s got me thinking constantly about what else I can do. I think I want to dedicate a handful of posts to some sort of multimedia. Perhaps actually draw doodles and write out what I would say, take the pics, and then post them. Something different. Maybe a video? Does this thing allow videos? I’m not shelling any dough for this thing, so I’m grateful for what I can get away with, but a video might be a interesting twist. The constant writing has me thinking of my story ideas as well. I’m also wanting to gear up for working up a campaign of a game of some sort. I’m really tempted to do 7th Sea. There was the briefest of buzzes about AEG teaming back up with Wick to do something else with it. I don’t if 2nd edition is the right word, but probably.

And in conclusion I think I will finally cave to demands off the Boy for a piece of Halloween candy. He’s persistent, to say the least. Hopefully I’ll have something worthwhile to post about tomorrow. I’m rather hesitant to post anything work related since in addition to it involving kids I’m only a substitute on top of that. Still, looking forward seeing these kids again, I’ve missed them sorta kinda almost as much as I miss my own when I’m away from them.