Bunnies & Bunnies

I’m sure there’s a special Hell for this, but I’m eating a chocolate bunny while going back and forth and petting the new pet bunny.

I finally got the hutch situated. I then promptly spent an extra hour making additions in order to keep the new bunny in properly. All I need to do now is build a fence around the whole damn thing and she can have some running space outside as well.

We went to Florida over our Spring Break. Disney World, to be precise. It was a lot of fun. The last time we did that the Beast wasn’t even two. Now the youngest is five and they all had a blast. Granted, the Beast had too much fun, and we discovered she isn’t a roller coaster fan. The Boy is, but alas he’s still a might small for most of them. And it was the Beast’s birthday during the trip as well. Of course, on the way back the little brats are clamoring for a trip to a Great Wolf Lodge…

I’ve been applying to other schools, to see if I can get something just a bit closer to home. It would be nice if the commute wasn’t so much of one.

And now it’s off to watch episode 2 of American Gods.