Lagomorphs, Lion Fish, and LARP

I let the missus convince me to go to the local LARP, again. I got to say I agree that it was nice to see everybody. I got to also say that it might, might, be nice to get back into it and hang out with everybody again. Because honestly what I’d like to do is just hang out and chat about a lot of other stuff. Which happens at LARP. It’s kind of the penultimate in ‘hurry up and wait’.

I don’t know if I mentioned the rabbit. We finally got one. Her name is Honey and she’s a sweet little thing. The kids are still excited, especially the Beast. It’s something she’s wanted for years. The missus and I let her tear around the living room at night, after making sure the dog and kitten are out of the way. We have also noticed she’s not as gross as the cats. No hacking up hairballs, no smelly crap in the litter box. And she uses the litter box! No muss, no fuss. Speaking of Ms. Kitten, she’s keen on nibbling on Honey. There’s been a number of attempts on her part to get into the room with her and chomp down on her neck. For her part, Honey doesn’t seem to mind. Or notice for that matter.

We went to the Science Center today. The new aquarium is still as awesome as last time. The octopus was actually out and about, and even moved around their tank. The lion fish were doing there thing, looking beautifully menacing. The meerkats were also very active. The kids loved it. They didn’t love that we didn’t hit the gift shop, but I think all is forgiven.

And finally, ten days of school left. Ten days. Nine and half for me, but that’s not a big thing. The Eldest moves on from elementary school. It’s so weird. It doesn’t seem like she should be that old. It only seems like the other day, maybe a week or so at the most, that she was coming home from the hospital. A few hours ago she was starting school. I don’t think the time’s been wasted, it just seems to have gone far too quickly. I won’t even go into the Boy’ going into Kindergarten come the next school year.


Autumnal Something or Other

I got nothing for a title. But I do have a lot to tell.

Job is trucking along. I’m really liking this kids. They are pretty good crew and I think we are all definitely making strides towards getting a good groove going on. There’s been what I’d consider progress, but there’s also been plenty of rougher days.

We did a single day LARP at MACE. While fun was had, it was also rather dead. We had three other players other than those we brought with us (two friends, one of which is husband to one of my other Storytellers I usually work with). Still, fun was had and fun was had later on in the evening sessions. We played an RPG based on A Song of Ice and Fire, or whatever. I was very surprised it wasn’t all about finding dragons and exposing boobs. No, seriously, it truly was amazing. The first battle was a social one, and it was easily the most engaging fight I’ve been involved in game-wise in years. I think the sheer concept of treating social encounters as a battle in its own right was something, but that they made a system of mechanics to convey that is just wonderful.

I snagged a small collection of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition books at MACE. I’m torn between giving them to a friend whose first gaming experiences were from those books, or actually putting them to use myself and running him a campaign. I’m leaning towards the second notion. I know my friend, and while he would love the books they would just sit on a shelf alongside other gaming nostalgia I’ve given as gifts over the years. Also, while my initiation into gaming was via Vampire: The Masquerade LARP I always felt it should have been AD&D. But that’s another post all together.

Autumn has well and truly settled in around us. The leaves are shifting to their less green hues, and just as quickly falling to the forest floors. Deer are in abundance. I’m waiting for them to try and come in the back door. The air is crisp, there’s be a few smatterings of frost. Needless to say I’m loving it.

Turkey day is just barely a week away. The missus doesn’t work, which will be nice. It’s going to be a short week for all of us school-wise next week. I’m looking forward to spending some time during the day with my kids. Maybe I can get a turn raking up some leaves and jumping in wit h them. Hopefully. Oh, and more s’mores. We did s’mores the other night, and it simply has to be done again. And soon.

Finally- Accomplishment!

I did it! I finally finished something! Okay, I finally did something that will let me finish. Close enough.

I did a massive clean-out of upstairs. The kids will probably cry when they realize I took three bags full of stuffed animals to Good Will, but fuck almighty that leaves at three more bags’ worth. And that’s just in the playroom, that’s not what they each have tucked away in their individual rooms. There’s other things gone as well, including a large box full of books. Some duplicates, some the kids have simply outgrown, and others just because they don’t seem to end up in the rotation of books the kids read. They just sit there. No sense in letting the sit there when someone somewhere would greatly appreciate them.


It’s not done, but it’s almost there. And I know the pic’s a touch blurry, but here is the start of the wife’s bottle tree. I’m thinking about four more branches at least, and some significant bits of bending to get it where the bottles will sit nice enough. But still, I WELDED. Again. Finally. Finally again. I can’t believe how much I missed it. I knew I did, but I didn’t realize just how much.

And again, while it’s not done I’m chipping away at my end of the upcoming con LARP. I’m hoping it comes together well enough, we are only a few weeks out. In fact, I’m off to email the dude with an update. Enjoy the rest of your week…

The End Is Nigh

Five days and counting. The kids are chomping at the proverbial bit. Testing is all done though, and the Eldest stomped the fuck out of them. I’m not really what happens with me after this week. I’m sort of technically done then, but I think the hope is that I can stay on at the school permanently. I do know I’m going to miss the kids, and the members of staff I’ve gotten to know.

I’m thinking we are on for a Day LARP come November. I’ve been wanting to run a game for a couple of years now. I’m thinking that with the summer ahead I can get a good deal of everything knocked out. I’m hoping the missus can have the weekend off, and I’m also hoping I can rope another friend in on it as well. Need a third Storyteller. Need.

Boop boop beep boop

I got nothing. Titles are tricky, right? I’ve still got all the plans going on, but I’ve only managed to pick here and there thanks to both work and nigh endless rain. I got started on clearing out some space for the art shack, but there are bees. Bees? BEES. Ground bees, which seem to be the majority of bees. Something like 70%. Anyway, they are pretty much right at the entrance, or where the entry way will be once I get it done.

School is still tromping along, only fourteen more days left, thirteen for me. I’m taking Tuesday to go do a thing with the Boy for his preschool.

I’m toying with the notion of seeing if one of the local cons is interested in having a LARP. It’s been a while since I’ve ran one, and I’m thinking that the one come November would allow for enough time to work one up. I’m not sure what I would do, or even if it might be wanted. Still, it would be nice to get back into it and have some fun.

Back In The Game

So I’ve decided to get back into a local LARP. It’s been years, what with kids and what not. Still, I think it’s time I give it a go. I miss it, but I miss hanging out with other people my age. Damn, I miss that.

In other news, we have grass! More so than last time. We’ve been seeding, watering, throwing out straw, all that crap. We’ve planted some trees as well as bushes. The yard is looking less and less like shit and mud everyday.

I’ve gotten a few exercise tricks figured out. I’m hoping they help with overall shape and especially my back. It’s been good, but it’s all been better. I think being able to move around on the job again (instead of sitting and then getting used as a punching bag) has helped immensely as well.

I think that’s really about all for the moment. I think I might have a think for BBC murder mysteries. I do not care for Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. It got old about an episode and a half in I’m afraid. Oh well.