A Wrinkle In Time & so on, Part 2

I totally forgot pretty much everything I intended to actually post last night.

So, A Wrinkle In Time. Life changing. For me anyway. It was a wonderful bit of science fiction wrapped in fantasy enveloped in a loving embrace. No metaphor to that last bit, just some good old family hugging. Don’t get me wrong, I love some action/adventure, and by all means kill the fuck out of the evil dragons when they need to be killed. But A Wrinkle In Time showed that the story doesn’t have to end with the bad guys killed. Defeat takes many forms.

And Meatloaf. Confession- I probably have more Meatloaf CD’s that some one who did not grow up during the 70’s ought to have. I’ve come to realize that I rather prefer the Bat Out Of Hell‘s (1 and 2), but still. Meatloaf is intense. Meatloaf is not to be trifled with.

But I really do think it comes down to Jim Steinman being a living rock God. I think Steinman does a bit of what I love about A Wrinkle In TIme. There are hard rock elements in there, but there is also these flights of fancy. The combination puts me in the mind of a mosh pit in Heaven. Or arena rock. Something awesome with halos and wings and shit like that.

Once again I think I’ve lost my true flow. But not really.  I did want to get the bits out that needed to be gotten out last night I dozed off, and honestly I blame Netflix. Galavant is on there now and it’s weird. You can’t look away. You can’t. And now I’m off to make french fries since the Beast wanted some home made. Sounds like a fun time.