“Sabe the Pig”…

I was putting the Boy to bed and came across an old stuffed animal he’s had for a number of years. It’s a pig, and it looks like it is made out of some bright pink, floral printed upholstery. It’s actually intended as a dog’s chew toy. Our dog has shown a tendency to chew on any stray stuffed toys he come across, and so we decided to get one the dog could chew on.

This did not sit well with the Boy. At the ripe old age of one and some change, he tromped into the kitchen where we kept the dog at nights. We were also putting the pig in so the dog could have at it. But no, the Boy had to “sabe the pig”. And he went on and on about how the pig was his favorite, and how he loved it.

And so it remains. He’s got it in bed tonight. He still loves it, he says. He’s still set on keeping the pig safe from getting chewed on. While he’s still young and there is so much more for him to become, I hope this is one thing that never changes.


My Boy

I’m sitting here, it’s nine PM. He’s played hard all day. I’ve worked equally as hard around the house. Honestly, I’m not sure what all he’s eaten today.

His day has consisted of cartoons, building fairy houses, painted nails, a robot salon, and chasing his best friend upstairs. 

It’s bedtime. He blearily requests food. I grab a few leftover nuggets. He’s grateful. We are having a rather chill moment and all is right with our world.

Week One In The Books

The first week of school is in the past. I managed to sub a day. Still waiting for some response on any number of applications I’ve put in for something more permanent. I’m hoping that the wait isn’t much longer. I’m not quite to the point of considering a start-up in hooking or becoming a drug mule, but it might not be too far off in the future either.

The girls seemed to have a good week. School wise. The Eldest got out early on Tuesday to get braces. Oh yeah, she’s got braces now, did I mention that? Yeah, a rather profound overbite needed some attention. Later that evening she popped a bracket. I called in Wednesday to get it looked at but they couldn’t see her until the next day. When worked well since I had to call 911 for the Beast. In a particular burst of genius she and the Boy decided to wrestle for a quarter. Not wanting him to get it, she hid it in her mouth. When the Boy tackled her it went down the throat. Given their energetic reactions to this, and the Beast’s gagging I opted with a an emergency call. Before the volunteer firemen got here the risk of choking was past. She swallowed it down. She loved the attention. I’m hoping the panic and fear outmatch the love of an audience.

By the time I got the Eldest on Thursday she had managed to pop yet another bracket. What the shit, did they put these things on with Elmer’s? Anyway, they put them back on and things have been good far.

I took the Boy to his open house for preschool. Jesus freaks aside, I do like the place. I’m hoping he does really well this year. He’s excited to go, I know. He’s been missing his sisters like mad the past week, this will be nice to give him some kids to play with, particularly kids his size and age.

Back to work, I subbed. A bit. It was only going to be a half day, and that in itself got halved again. Still, it was something. It was at a high school. The students and teacher thought I was transferring into the class at first. I’m tired of my youthful good looks, I tell ya.

I’m getting back into the swing of running games. The two I have going on are really giving me a run for my money, if I had any. But it’s good, it’s exercising those parts that have laid neglected for too long. Shadowrun is finally getting to a good point of adventure, and Changeling is doing just as well.

A friend Shared this, via FB. I don’t know who it goes back to originally, but it came with a caption concerning Male and White Privilege. But back to my bit; a friend Shared this and it just so happened to be on the screen when the Boy tromped up and before he could demand a video game of some sort he saw the comic. There was a bit of dialogue, and it went a bit like this-

The Boy– De girl got all kinds (of things in her way, he had been touching each of the hazards and obstacles). De boy only has two things.
Me– So what does that mean? Who has it easier?
The Boy– De boy.
Me– Is that fair? They are running a race, but is that fair?
The Boy– No…

I went on to point out that he’s not even four yet. Almost, but still not there. And I’m not trying to beat people over the head with anything, but if a friggin’ toddler can notice an extremely unfair and biased set-up, what’s the goddamn problem with the rest of the world?

Don’t get me wrong, there’s some areas where The Boy, simply put, sucks. The little booger still won’t use a potty to save anybody’s life, and even bribes of candy are being met with “meh” of late. I’m not entirely sure where it’s coming from, but he seems to think he’s a late 19th century pugilist with all of the shirtless punching he wants to do. But this thing? The thing he pointed out, so effortlessly and obviously? He gets that.

Turkey Break!

And I totally didn’t post last night. I think I’m fighting a cold or something. I don’t feel bad, but I feel… off. Not quite sure how to put it.

But we are into the holiday break for Turkey Day. My nephews and nieces are going to be up, and I’m surprised. It takes an event of biblical proportion to get my sis out of her… whatever. She doesn’t seem to want to be back on home turf if she can help it. Still, nice to see the kids.

Today we made mini pumpkin pies in the class. One of the kids in particular like them, they ate three. We watched some Thanksgiving cartoons, and all in all it was nice.

I think the girls had some nice snack things that went on. I know they are happy to be ‘camping out’ at Yaya’s. I’m really wanting to get one of the grandparents’ to take the Boy for a night. He’s old enough, but for some reason there is more than a small amount of hesitancy on their collective parts to take him in.

I have some hopes of finishing up some projects while out from school. I have the walk to finish, or at least get it closer to being finished. I think we might actually have enough green stuff growing that isn’t weeds to mow! Never thought I’d actually look forward to doing that.

Step One…

Here goes, the first bit in trying to recommit.

I’ve done some reading, particularly of other blogs on here. Not much, nothing truly in depth but it’s something.

So I’m not sure what the last post I really made was about, possibly some of the antics of early Summer. The rest of the Summer has been pretty well. We have yet another nest of chicks, eight this time. I don’t know if I mentioned the previous ten who seem to be doing quite fine on their own now.

The girls are back in school. I’ve managed to snag one day, but so far no other days are up for subbing. Alas. School-related, the Boy starts Pre-K here in a week. I’m hoping it will go well. We had his open house the other day and it seemed to go okay.

The house is sort of kind of coming together. I’ve got a decent compost bin going, I need to secure the pallets a bit better, but for the moment they are holding well. We have a clothes’ line up. I’m enjoying it, it’s less use of the dryer and it’s sort of nostalgic. I mentioned a fire pit, and it’s been fun. The girls love to do marshmallows and s’mores. So does the Boy. I’ve got a walkway going from the back pad to it, I just need to get some edging material and those small rounded pebbles to finish it off. I’m thinking it will look good once that’s done.

While it’s not immediately at hand, NANWRIMO is coming up and I think I might take a serious stab at it this go round. I figure it might go well with this whole renewed effort at doing writing stuff.

I think in leaving I’d like to thank any and all who have actually some of my yammerings. I’ve tried to give a look in kind, but not sure if I hit everybody up or not. Still, thanks again and I found it rather encouraging.

Color Crew

The Boy has fallen in love with this cartoon on Netflix. I’m personally torn.

On the one hand his already profound interesting art has gone just a wee bit crazy. He’s wanting to color all the time now. Crayons, markers, pencils. Doesn’t seem to matter as long as he can drag it across a piece of paper. Here’s hoping that he keeps up with that bit keeping it on the paper, and not like his sister who still has issues understanding that walls (and beds, and tables, and anything that stay in one place for more than forty five seconds…) are not coloring surfaces.

There is one thing I’ve quickly come to hate about Color Crew. That damned eraser. First off, this jerk is smug. With his glasses and handlebar mustache. But it gets better. He comes out when one of the crayons colors in the wrong thing. So he huffs and scolds, erases this so-called “wrong” color and then he gives this big shit eating grin. HELLO, there was an entire movement dedicated to coloring things “wrong”. Hate that guy.

And with that, I’m off to wrestle said Little Man into bed. He’s grumbling a bit of late, but he can’t resist the well established routine of night-night. Boom, victory for me.