“Sabe the Pig”…

I was putting the Boy to bed and came across an old stuffed animal he’s had for a number of years. It’s a pig, and it looks like it is made out of some bright pink, floral printed upholstery. It’s actually intended as a dog’s chew toy. Our dog has shown a tendency to chew on any stray stuffed toys he come across, and so we decided to get one the dog could chew on.

This did not sit well with the Boy. At the ripe old age of one and some change, he tromped into the kitchen where we kept the dog at nights. We were also putting the pig in so the dog could have at it. But no, the Boy had to “sabe the pig”. And he went on and on about how the pig was his favorite, and how he loved it.

And so it remains. He’s got it in bed tonight. He still loves it, he says. He’s still set on keeping the pig safe from getting chewed on. While he’s still young and there is so much more for him to become, I hope this is one thing that never changes.